About Gordonstoun School and Its Exemplary Students

Gordonstoun School is a desirable UK independent school famous for its top-notch curricular, world-leading outdoors program, and exemplary students.

Each year, several students from the school hit the news for their outstanding accomplishments in various areas. This year, one of the most exceptional news about its students was about Scarlett Sykes, who has declared war on brain tumors.

This eighteen-year-old joined the school a couple of years ago from a sister school, Samworth Church Academy, located in Mansfield.

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She has won a scholarship to study at Gordonstoun after her teachers at her former school recognized her massive potential and sought to send him to a place where it would be nurtured.

Leading the War against Brain Tumors

Sykes’ stepfather died when she was fifteen, which dealt a huge blow to her mom and her.

Her stepfather, Paul Malcolm, died barely a month after visiting the doctor for a normal checkup turned up a stage-three brain tumor diagnosis.

After the diagnosis, Malcolm’s health deteriorated fast, and all her mother and her could do was be with him and comfort him through his suffering.

According to Sykes, no child should have to go through a similar loss because of a brain tumor.

She strongly believes that more promising treatment options and other ways to enable a patient to live longer could be discovered with sufficient research into brain tumors.

She is running a charity campaign to get funds to donate to research centers specializing in brain tumors.

Dissecting Gordonstoun’s Culture

At Gordonstoun School, students are encouraged to fulfill their potential both in the class and outside.

The goal of its education program is to have the students excel academically and as human beings.

The school’s motto translates to “There Is More In You,” which presents the students with a sense of endless possibilities every day.

Gordonstoun School also presents its students with opportunities to excel in dance, sports, drama, and music.

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