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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Techniques.

Minimally Invasive “All-Inside” ACL Reconstruction Surgery Home > Minimally Invasive “All-Inside” ACL Reconstruction Surgery A torn ACL used to be a career-ending injury for many athletes, but improvements in the surgery have helped active individuals of all ages get back to their desired activities. Knees What is Anatomic “All Inside” ACL Reconstruction? The anterior cruciate ligament ACL connects the femur to the tibia in the center of the knee joint and is one of the most commonly injured ligaments.With 25 years of specialized expertise in orthopedic sports medicine, Dr. Karas has published research on ACL injuries and regularly performs the anatomic “all inside” ACL. ACL All-Inside Technique “All-inside” ACL surgery requires special equipment which allows less invasive surgery, resulting in evidence-based less pain, but critically, evidence-based equal.

3 SwitchCut All-Inside ACL Reconstruction Surgical Technique Create a Femoral Tunnel with the SwitchCut Reamer Ream in a clockwise forward direction through the lateral cortex into the joint space Figures 5 & 5a. Once the SwitchCut tip has penetrated the entrance of the joint, as shown in Figure 5a, then rotate the bullet 90˚. The all-inside ACL reconstruction technique is a relatively new development in ACL surgery. Some features of this technique include closed-socket tunnels, dual suspensory graft fixation, decreased bone removal, and smaller skin incisions. All-inside ACL reconstruction, as initially described by Lubowitz et al.,7, 8 is becoming more common as a form of soft tissue ACL recon given its ability to generate larger grafts. In addition, all-inside ACL reconstruction patients have reported lower postoperative pain compared with traditional soft tissue ACL reconstruction with no difference in measured outcomes, making all-inside a very favorable graft.

All-Inside ACL Reconstruction All-Inside ACL Reconstruction is an excellent minimally invasive surgical alternative to traditional ACL reconstruction surgery. Both traditional ACL reconstruction surgery and All-Inside ACL reconstruction surgery involve replacing the ACL with a tendon graft either LARS ligaments, hamstring tendon, patellar tendon, cadaver graft. In the continued evolution of arthroscopic surgery for anterior cruciate ligament ACL reconstruction, the "All-Inside" technique has been developed in an attempt to further decrease surgical. Nov 22, 2012 · We describe an all-epiphyseal ACL reconstruction for use in skeletally immature patients. This is an all-inside technique with the femoral tunnel drilled retrograde and the tibial tunnel drilled retrograde; both tunnels are entirely within the epiphysis. ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol. 4. Control Pain and Swelling. Crushed ice or an Aircast knee Cryocuff along with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Nuprin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Aleve 2 tablets twice a day are used to help control pain and swelling. GraftLink Minimally Invasive ACL Reconstruction The GraftLink technique provides the ultimate in anatomic, minimally invasive and reproducible ACL reconstruction. • Anatomic – Independent tibial and femoral socket preparation with FlipCutter® II and/or Low Profile Reamers facilitate unconstrained placement of the ACL graft.

Anatomic Single-bundle ACL Femoral Tunnel Creation through the Anteromed. This most minimally invasive ACL surgery is termed All-Inside ACL Reconstruction. This surgery is performed by making small poke-holes in the knee without making any large incisions. The ACL is a ligament in the center of the knee that prevents the shin bone.

All-Inside ACL reconstruction is a special technique of ACL reconstruction that refers to the entire procedure being done arthroscopically from inside the knee. Sockets are drilled in a reverse fashion from inside to out and therefore the cortical surface bone of the femur and tibia are preserved.

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