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Applied through amazon career website. A recruiter approached me for a one hour phone interview. The interviewer was in the same hiring team with the title of Sr Technical Program Manager. S/he was able to challenge me with a number of questions about project management as well as my problem solving and design skills. TPM role: First phone interview, was about leadership principles and why i choose amazon and why i was a fit. I passed and got notice for second phone interview in 2-3 days. Second phone interview was about TPM preparation sheet, i studied it and then they asked me nothing. It was all about my past experience and leadership principles. Amazon asks some tough questions to ensure they are bringing on top talent. Here are 21 of the hardest. 21 tough interview questions you may have to answer if you want to work at Amazon. Jul 11, 2016 · Phase 2 – First Phone Interview. My first phone interview was scheduled at an exact time 2pm with the manager of the service that I was interviewing for – so basically my intended future boss. I remember I spent the whole day looking up common interview questions for programming, and watching a lengthy video series over data structures so.

89 Responses to Technical interview at Amazon SDE and Microsoft Program Manager. I just had a phone interview with Amazon today! I was quite nervous at first, she just asked me questions about arrays and linked lists. I didn’t do a very good job, but as we moved to actual programming problems, I was able to solve them and had calmed. Questions appeared on computer screen and then it automatically recorded my answers. Did that twice and then had a phone interview. They wanted to fly me out to the location, but were not willing to pay for travel and on a student budget, I was not able to afford the trip. Set up the phone interview instead. Interview Questions. Jul 27, 2012 · Mission impossible? War stories from theinterview. round of interviews and I scheduled another phone interview which was also quite obscure. the interview questions.

Interview. There was an initial phone call with a recruiter to describe the position, followed by two phone interviews via google hangout. Then I was flown to Mountain View for 4 onsite interviews plus a casual lunch with a TPM. I was matched with a team/hiring manager to be reviewed by a hiring committee. Interview Questions. What are your secrets? I want to work for Amazon; give me a chance to please to unpleasable!" Fake a phone vibration "Oh, sorry! It was just my Amazon Prime account telling me that the Honda I ordered was shipped. Where were we?" "Regardless, I still feel you should send those who didn't get a 2nd interview a 1-month free trial of Amazon Prime.

May 24, 2008 · 2008 - How I Didn't Get A Job AtIt is fitting, I think, to begin a memoir with an event that represents a major change of direction in one's life For me, it came this year when I interviewed for a job atand did not get it. Aug 10, 2015 · Meet Nimisha, a Senior Technical Program Manager for Amazon Transportation Technology. Learn more about her role and other opportunities at Amazon at.

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