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5. Assess individual and unit physical readiness according to FM 7-22 6. Provide resources required to execute PRT 7. Incorporate safety and composite risk management CRM 8. Ensure training is realistic and performance-oriented 9. Ensure training replicates the operational environment as closely as possible FM 7-22. Integrated Approach.The Army PRT System employs an integrated approach to physical conditioning by training the critical components of strength, endurance, and mobility. Table 1-3 and Table 1-4 show the correlation between WTBDs and PRT components and activities. Standards remain constant as Soldier physical performance levels increase.

Risk can be mitigated through direct command involvement, accurate risk management, effective planning, training, and supervision at all levels. Each commander, noncommissioned officer, and supervisor are to ensure that safety and risk management is the prime consideration in all training missions and activities. Correspondence Preparation and Management. AR 350 Series. Specifically Training Regulations. AR 600-9. Army Body Composition Program, formerly the Army Weight Control Program. DA 7566. Composite Risk Management Worksheet. DA 5500. Body Fat Content Worksheet male DA 5501. Body Fat Content Worksheet female. Army Physical Fitness Test. FM 7-22 Army Physical Readiness Training.3. PRT focus is on training the fundamentals first. 4. PRT must be performance-oriented, conducted under realistic conditions, and mission focused. 5. PRT should incorporate challenging, complex, ambiguous, and uncomfortable situations. 6. PRT must incorporate safety and composite risk management CRM.

Physical Training.4. Ensure PRT is performance-oriented, conducted under realistic conditions and mission focused. 5. PRT should incorporate challenging, complex, ambiguous and uncomfortable situations. 6. Incorporate safety and composite risk management CRM. 7. Conduct PRT under conditions that replicate the operational environment. Dec 15, 2017 · Injury prevention measures implemented during sports, exercise, and physical activity-related activities help to maintain the long-term health of the Army. Proper physical training will prepare Soldiers for the physical demands of their mission. SMART Training Tips: Gradually increase the intensity and duration of any new workout. Master Fitness 2 PRT Philosophy•Train to standard IAW FM 7-22. •Assess individual and unit physical readiness IAW FM 7-22. •Provide resources required to execute PRT. •Incorporate Composite Risk Management CRM. •Ensure training is realistic and performance-oriented. •Ensure training replicates the operational environment as closely as possible. is dedicated to providing all the information you need to conduct the Army Physical Readiness Training as an individual or with a unit. Everything you need from FM. A LEADER’S GUIDE TO SOLDIER HEALTH AND FITNESS. FEBRUARY 2016. DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. This publication supersedes FM 6-22.5, Combat and Operational Stress Control Manual for Leaders and Soldiers, dated 18 March 2009. Headquarters, Department of the Army.

Headquarters Joint Base Lewis-McChord Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 3 Feb 2014 UNCLASSIFIED JBLM Regulation 350-2 Training Training Support.

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