Antigua & Barbuda Leadership

Asot Michael: Representative for Peace

World-wide covid cases may reduce, but more countries report variant strains. As the globe continues to rise out of the recession in 2020, it is uncertain if every employment is ever entirely recovered, particularly in the tourist and hospitality sectors, such as food service. There is greater stress on our governmental leaders to alleviate our anxieties now than ever before. This particular pressure is being exerted by Gaston Browne, Prime Minister over Barbuda & Antigua (LinkedIn).


In the discussion of the 2021 budget statement made to the Chamber of Representatives of Barbuda and Antigua on the 11th of February, 2021 Asot Michael, a member of the St- Peters parliament, understood and appreciated the worth of optimism, but called for a more sensitive attitude. The politician, without agreement on the end of the epidemic, highlighted the prioritizing of foodstuffs and export protection, not only to assure the safety of their components but also to provide Antigua and Barbuda with a sustainable economic future after the dust has been removed and the epidemic is finished. Where can I go? Asot Michael repeated last December’s New Years’ speech that best practices in Antigua and Barbuda and the world over have brought us to face up to the extent.


This extent included materialism has fostered an inappropriate appraisal of the values of nutritious food, sanitary bathing, and cooking water, adequate clothing, and etc. According to Asot Michael, whilst tourism is the lifeline for Caribbean Islands like Barbuda and Antigua, the tourist strategy is short-sighted and supplies visitors with a component of the epidemic. 


Having seen a recent increase in the case of reception for tourists, MP Michael urged other representatives to look into a lock-up when immunization medicines are readily accessible, positing that the surest way to ensure that people in Barbuda and Antigua are correctly vaccinated against the coronavirus would be quarantined immediately after the vaccine. Like in his address at the New Year’s, he complimented Antigua and Barbuda for surviving a year that had never been seen before, but also for standing up. Asot Michael has pointed out that Antigua and Barbuda were particularly small in comparison with the remnant of the Caribbean until recently. The growth of agriculture in St. Peters and in the remainder of Antigua and Barbuda is critical to the existence of his people. The Antigua and Barbuda people come first in the meanwhile.