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One of the most popular rubber by far is the Sriver, combination of power and control, truly an admirable rubber used by players of all kinds from champions to beginners. The all new Sriver EL elastic with a mid-soft elastic sponge and a soft sponge underneath that has been specially selected by some of Butterfly's leading world ranked players. Buy Butterfly Sriver EL ping pong rubber from our online butterfly table tennis equipment and accessories store. Sriver EL combines Sriver's top sheet with a medium-soft elastic sponge. This softer sponge allows you to generate more spin without using a power swing. Butterfly Sriver EL rubber2.1mm; red Disclaimer: This is a well used rubber. It has approximately 6 months of playing time on the backhand side and. more so it does not perform like a new sheet. It is less grippy and'deader' than when it was new. So it will not be as spinny or as fast.

1 product rating 1 product ratings - Butterfly Table Tennis Rubber Sriver EL 05380 Red Maximum JP. $43.53. From Japan. Free shipping. Watch. Butterfly Sriver Table Tennis Ping Pong Rubber Sponge. $31.99. From Korea, South. $9.99 shipping. Butterfly Table Tennis Rubber Sriver FX 05060 Black 2.1mm or more. $39.67. There are 10 users using the Butterfly Sriver L. A leading rubber for more than 25 years; the combination of a hard and spinny surface and a medium hard flexible sponge creates the. Butterfly Butterfly Sriver EL Rev Table Tennis Rubber. £33.99% The hardness of the sponge is exactly half way between that of Sriver L and Sriver FX. Sriver EL is the ideal rubber for Sriver L players seeking more spin and elasticity and also for Sriver FX exponents looking for more power. Speed. 7.75. Feb 03, 2015 · However, sriver el is a good choice for the progressive player looking for good control whilst allowing you to improve your technique, performance and overall understanding of the game. User stats 0 people liked this review. SRIVER the most successful Butterfly Rubber since it's introduction in 1967. More than 20 World and 70 European Champions have won their titles with Sriver. The combination of the hard and spinney rubber on the surface with a medium hard and flexible sponge makes SRIVER the natural choice for all round attacking players.

I am planning to change the backhand to Sriver EL. When I read reviews about Sriver EL 99% people seemed to have the best opinion about it. Most of them were using it for backhand. and a few were using for forehand too. I am confused about whether I should go for Sriver EL in the forehand as well. Butterfly Sriver EL, ÚJ CSOMAGOLÁS! A SRIVER EL ELastic - Rugalmas borítás a Sriver L és Sriver FX borítások között helyezkedik el. A Butterfly büszkén mutatja be a Sriver család legújabb tagját, a SRIVER EL borítását. Ebben a borításban a Sriver család tökéletesen kifejlesztett gumirétege egy közepesen lágy rugalmasságú szivaccsal egyesül. Nov 26, 2019 · FH Rubber: Butterfly Sriver EL 2.1mm RED BH Rubber: Butterfly Raystorm 2.1mm BLACK First, Ill start with the photos =D The Facts Hallmark: Aurora Faster forehand side for attacking and slower backhand side, even greater difference than the combination Blade. Featuring ACT Technology ButterflyOnline: Sriver EL Sriver EL combines SRIVER's top.

Butterfly Sriver El

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