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If you want to purchase a new cat cage for your cat kennel or home, choose from several metal wire cat crates in our store. Large enough to fit at least two cats thanks to their plastic shelves, these cat cages are perfect for kennels, vet hospitals and cat hotels. Cat enclosure systems from Mason Company provide solutions to offer safe and healthy habitats for even the most finicky felines. Our innovative equipment is designed around the needs of cats and all units are sturdy, durable and easy to clean and maintain. We offer a. HSUS. How to Set Up a Comfy Cat Cage Illustrations by Susie Duckworth. If you try to see the world through the eyes of someone who normally alternates his day between sacking out on the couch and hunting formidable prey like bugs and plush balls, the new environment of the shelter can make for a pretty scary adventure. Welcome to CDE Animal Cages. We hand make all of our enclosures with the hope of being able to meet any need a pet owner may have. Whether you are a individual looking for a Catio, a rescue group looking for a bank of enclosures, an RV owner who would like to design a custom design so that your furry friends can accompany you on your travels, or a bird, puppy, bunny, or monkey or anything.

We are Georgia’s largest no-kill animal shelter. We operate a 10,000-square-foot facility that houses 275 cats in a clean, cage-free environment. Our shelter features 11 spacious rooms where cats reside until permanent homes are found for them. Give cats room to move, stretch, pose, watch and play. A successful approach for enhancing adoptions, promoting great cat behavior and providing healthy shelter management is to have a mix of rooms. A range of room sizes no cages except for cats under medical treatment accommodating some single cat rooms, lots of doubles, triples and several. Cat cages and catios, crates and animal cages also dog cages and kennals, pet enclosures for cats, veterinarians, humane society & kitty condos.

My Pet Cages provides an extensive collection of indoor and outdoor Dog cages, pet cages, cat Cages and accessories in a wide variety. Call us at 1-888-858-7298. Feb 23, 2004 · I am looking for feedback on cat housing for an animal shelter environment. We currently use individual Shoreline stainless steel cages w/ approximately a 3x3 floor space. The litter box is a large sized paper food tray about 6"x4".

Jul 08, 2019 · This is to make the most out of the space they have. In the summer time, animal shelters can take up to an average of 15 cats a day. Let’s not forget about the number of cats giving birth in the shelter as well, adding to their population. The ado. Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel Crate. Sometimes it pays to get something simple and strong to keep our felines confined for a night. The Xtreme-Cage Cat Kennel Crate is the perfect option for overnight stays and is surprisingly sturdy for the low price.

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