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Oct 31, 2015 · Pete Wedderburn: Cats often lose their voice due to laryngitis that resolves with time. While there is a small risk of something more serious, further investigations can be complex, costly and. Aug 14, 2018 · But here as some reasons as to why cats can lose their voice, at times: Cats can catch an upper respiratory infection that leads to laryngitis, causing hoarseness in the voice. The common viruses causing this are, herpes and feline calicivirus. Cats sometimes develop growths on their vocal cords or other areas of the throat. Probably from meowing too much, mainly when its cold. My cat Tigger lost his voice after my cat Uno died and he didn't know what happened to her so he kept mewing for her and then he lost his. May 13, 2012 · My cat has lost his voice but not his purr 1. A viral infection by causative agents such as the feline herpes virus or feline calici virus.2. A foreign body could be stuck in the throat.3. There could be a polyp, or a mass, in the throat.4. Laryngeal paralysis which could be caused by a. My cat lost his voice two days ago, he would try to meow but no sound would come out. Today he's stopped trying and he doesn't purr either. Poor Spaghettios! He could have laryngitis. Cats can get this from stress, anxiety, or excessive meowing. A respiratory infection could also cause him to lose his voice. The swelling from infection.

Mar 04, 2019 · The vet said she spent the whole night discussing things with the other cats and wore her voice out. She got soothing medicine and was okay in a couple of days. This seems to be different from what happened to your cat, but I thought an answer with a positive outcome might help you relax a little. In iParty with Victorious counted as an iCarly episode she lost her voice until the very end of the episode Related Questions Asked in Cats Felines, Cat Health, Cat Behavior.

Oct 07, 2007 · My 14 year old cat has lost her voice and is drinking lots of water. What could be the trouble? Update: Thanks for great answers so far. Just to clarify, I took her to the vet recently for a check up and since she has been drinking lots of water and peeing a lot most of the summer, the vet did a full series of blood tests for diabetes, thyroid etc. My 16 year old cat lost his meow.The vet said his throat doesn't look red or irritated, no fever, and his chest sounds clear. He does have a heart murmur which he didn't before, but aside from that he is in good health. The vet now wants to do the same blood testing that they did a month ago again, plus put him under anesthesia to get some chest.

There are a number of possible reasons for a cat to lose their voice. Often it is hard for us to tell why this is happening. I have seen cats get laryngitis because of an upper respiratory infection. This type of infection can cause discharge from the eyes as well. Jan 03, 2012 · Another temporarily mute cat owner. Ours lost her voice but was singularly fine, a-o.k., in every other respect. She took weeks and weeks to get hers back - first very faint, then slightly stronger until it is was it is now. Oddly, it's not returned to her voice of old; it is most definitely different.

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