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Meeting Jason Hughes of Hughes Marino

About Jason Hughes:   Jason Hughes remains a master pro when it comes to all things “lease restructuring, culture consulting, or lease accounting”, respectively. As Chairman/CEO of Hughes Marino, he’s fought in the game for more than 20 years and knows all ins and outs of tenant-buyer representations, proper plan restructuring and layouts, and so […]


Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell’s Plan for Four More Royal Holiday Hotel Locations

Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell, President of the Royal Holiday, has announced that the hotel company plans to establish four more locations. This is in response to the post-lockdown tourism reuptake. The four locations will include the Dominican Republic, San Lucas, Rivera Maya, and Baja California. The company already has 16 locations in Mexico, the U.S., Puerto […]


Recap of SextPanther Article

The article first introduces SextPanther’s purpose, its amount of users, as well as its usefulness during the current pandemic. It then alludes to the service providing more features than just messaging someone. Specificities are then described on the SextPanther platform. These include a content creator’s work, sharing media, different methods of communication, and safety. It […]


Haroldo Jacobovicz: The Famous Telecommunications Guru

Haroldo Jacobovicz, who founded and chaired several telecommunications firms, has had a career that concentrates on transforming technologies across the globe. Since his early days, Mr. Jacobovicz learned the benefits that entrepreneurship gains from technology. In 1982, while furthering his education, Haroldo collaborated with three of his friends to start a Microsystem firm. The company […]