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Jan 15, 2019 · Theconcrete slabfor thehot tubwould need to be a minimum of 4 inches or 10cm’s thick, ideally 6” or 15cm. It’s a good idea to reinforce theconcretewith some. Whendesigningthe rightslaband mix for ahot tubthere are a few considerations. The most important one is the subgrade. Sep 08, 2015 · Before delivery, don’t forget one very important step: Make sure you have the proper foundation on which to install it. Here are four hot tub foundation ideas that will ensure your hot tub is positioned correctly and looks great. CONCRETE A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long. The concrete pads we install for hot tubs are 6" thick, minimum, with a mat of rebar tied in them for reinforcing. The redi-mix concrete from a concrete company is strong enough to support a filled hot tub in a week's time if all things are done correctly. Jan 05, 2007 · Your slab of 5 5/8" to 6" should be flat and level under the spa. 2. Every major spa manufacturer says that you should connect all the metal inside the slab to a bonding wire which is then supposed to attach to the motor or something else metal in the tub. Putting hot tub on sloped concrete slab. My coworker has a 12 foot slab off the patio door of his basement, on which he wants to put a hot tub. The problem is - the slab has a slope away from the house. Is there any solution to leveling the slab, short of breaking and pouring a new one? He did have a concrete guy come in and take a look, and.

Concrete – A concrete pad is the most common type of foundation for a hot tub. An existing patio would also be a sufficient base to place your hot tub. If pouring a new pad or slab then the recommended thickness is 4” with rebar reinforcement to prevent the slab from cracking over time. I recently installed a hot tub at my new townhouse. After some research I decided to give the EZ Pad a try. It was fantastic! For a little over $300 it was sitting on my front porch in 5 days. A friend and I set it up in about 15 minutes and it has worked great! I wanted the tub to sit 85% in an old flower bed and 15% overlapping an existing slab. May 10, 2010 · I had a new 12' x 28' concrete slab poured last Thursday. How long must I wait before placing hot tub on slab and again before filling hot tub. Hot Tub weight aprox 800 lbs empty and about 4,000 lbs filled. We live in Minnesota. Mar 09, 2018 · At least a 6” thick concrete slab using 3000lb or 3500lb concrete. In cold climate areas lay down a 1” or 2” layer of closed cell foam board under the hot tub area of the slab. no it won’t cause the slab to crack. On top of the foam board or ground if you don’t put down foam board, put down a.

Putting hot tub on sloped concrete slabHomeImprovement.

Dec 02, 2014 · The fact is dirt will only compress so much. While the whole concrete slab does certainly add a lot of weight- adding a relatively small 4500 MORE lbs is pretty insignificant. As long as the hot tub is not going to be sitting directly over the sewer drain line I would not expect and issue. I’m having a jacuzzi tub replaced with a freestanding tub and freestanding faucet. I have a concrete slab which has hot and cold water copper lines coming out of the slab. My Plummer originally told me there would be no issue installing the floor mounted faucet directly on the concrete slab /tile floor. A level concrete pad or a reinforced deck are the most common surfaces hot tubs are installed on. However, depending on the spa model you use, you may not need to pour concrete. A level pad built of stone pavers, a composite slab made of wood and gravel, or a modular spa pad made of heavy duty plastic may also be good options. Oct 27, 2015 · I'm looking to pour a concrete slab for a hot tub. Problem is that where I want to put the tub is on relatively fresh 2004 grade on a pretty good slope. The slab will have to be 7.5'x7.5' for the tub. I'm thinking of drilling four 6" piers down to original grade under the pad and tying it. Mar 06, 2007 · This was my project for the last two weekends. The hot tub gets delivered on Sat. Here is the link to the installation photos of my new slab and sidewalk. You might notice that my yard slopes down closer to the fence. In the photos of the framing, the only dirt you see in the middle is the acutal.

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