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Citizen App Rolls Out First Paid Tool, Connecting Users To Safety Agents

Citizen App provides a new way for users to connect with safety agents. The app is designed to help users with criminal investigations by connecting them with the appropriate law enforcement officials. Citizen is available now, and it’s free to download and use.

The paid tool is called Protect. It’s an automated tool that can help users locate the right law enforcement official to contact. The new feature is a way for people who need help from law enforcement officials to find them. The app also helps users connect with the appropriate local law enforcement agency by finding the user’s exact location, phone number, and email address. Users will have to subscribe to get the new feature and connect with safety agents around them.

Citizen has been designed for use by people who are in need of help from local law enforcement agencies, such as victims of crime or those who have been arrested but still need assistance from a local police department.

Over 100,000 users use the citizen App. Citizen App promises to help connect people with the local police agencies. The app aims to help those who need assistance around them. The app will also keep the information updated and automatically provides users with the right option if they’re registered on the app or if a police officer contact them for their help.

Citizen app uses the people’s location and lets those who need support from police find them. Citizen has maps, media coverage, and many other benefits. On their site, they suggest cities should widen their route to travel on or have police in their neighborhoods to prevent crime. Citizen offers incognito mode, which hides the app radio screen that shows objects running down the street, a virtual cop that will visit records room to perform searches, and like real cops, there is also a level system. Go to this page for related information.


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