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ClassDojo Listened To Teachers To Build Classroom Management App

ClassDojo Is An App For Teachers Shaped By Teachers

ClassDojo is a communications app used by teachers to help manage their classrooms. The app allows teachers and parents to check in with one another. Teachers can post pictures and videos for student families to view. They can play inspirational videos during their free time. Also, each student is given an avatar where teachers can add points for positive behavior or take points away due to bad behavior. Teachers seem to love the app, and maybe there is a reason for that. When designing the app, ClassDojo reached out to teachers to help shape the app. Approximately 20,000 teachers gave their feedback after trying the app. It only makes sense, according to CEO and co-founder Sam Chaudhary, to reach out to the people who are going to be using the app.

To make things even better for teachers, ClassDojo is completely free to use. Though this is good for teachers and parents, how does a company make money to stay afloat? Co-founder Liam Don explains that the core app will remain free. However, ClassDojo is going to start targeting parents. When it comes to education, home can sometimes be a bit behind. ClassDojo wants to offer a subscription service to help families provide educational opportunities for their children.

ClassDojo has raised over $30 million from investors. They do have a small number of competitors. However, ClassDojo works hard to stay ahead of the curve. Studies have revealed that the gaming technique has put ClassDojo at the head of the class. Chaudhary is also vowing to stay in contact with teachers and parents to make sure the app is meeting all of their needs.

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