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Commercial Insurance with Hauser Insurance

Hauser Insurance located in Cincinnati, OH has all your insurance needs. A full-service broker that was established in 1971 has significant experience and knowledge in several lines of insurance. Known for their dedication and risk management, they know the needs and demands of their clients to provide resources through all the insurance stages.

Hauser Insurance provides insurance on a commercial level to include property and casualty. Protecting the property and land your business sits on is important in the event of a casualty, you can get up and running in time. Management liability, transaction representations, and warranties to help protect your employees and management from wrong transactions, employment practice liabilities, private client risk, administrative support and execution, and comprehensive risk evaluations. Many businesses are not aware of the risk their business has to the general public and having an outsider looking in to evaluate the overall risk of the business can help reduce liability. Hauser Insurance provides insurance to many different industries to include the business sector, construction, aviation, consumer goods, technology, retail, and transportation industry.

The business also helps commercial customers with human capital growth due to growing healthcare costs. The insurance agency can help businesses establish coverage for their employees consisting of life insurance, Section 125 plans, executive planning, dental and medical. Hauser also serves in an advisory role for retirement solutions. If you are looking to plan for a good future in retirement, contacting the insurance company can help advise you on the best way to proceed into having a good retirement.

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