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11 Creative Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings When You Don.

11 Ways to Hang Christmas Stockings Without a Mantel Staircase Railing. A staircase is a common focal point for Christmas decorations.Hang from Garland. Hang the Christmas stockings from a garland with ornament hooks.Bookcase. Bookcase shelves are an ideal spot for hanging Christmas stockings. Nov 21, 2018 · One great and very simple way to hang stockings sans mantel is to use a credenza as a replacement. You can treat your credenza just like you would as a mantel. Throw on a little garland, a couple candlesticks, a Christmas figurine or two and finish it off with your favorite stocking hangers. Sep 24, 2017 · To fuel your creativity, below you’ll find some of our favorite ways and places to hang Christmas stockings in your home or apartment. 1. Invest in a Classic Christmas Stocking Floor Stand. If you’re looking for a quick and simple solution for hanging your Christmas stockings, investing in a floor stand is definitely it.

That curtain rod for hanging the stockings is pretty darn creative, Yvonne! I don’t have a mantel and I usually hang stockings on the edge of my old up-right piano. I wonder if it would work there. ‘Cause I hate those clunky, junky-looking stocking hangers. And those stockingsI thought they were probably from some high-end store. Dec 04, 2019 · The Best DIY Christmas Stocking Hangers and Display Ideas – Cheap and Easy Handmade Holiday Decorations! Pin 4.6K. Tweet. Share 41. 4.6K Shares. Looking for some FUN Christmas Crafts as budget friendly ways to hang up your family’s Christmas stockings this year? I love all of the ideas people have come up with for Handmade Holiday Stocking. Nov 29, 2010 · Although we haven’t conduced an official study of how many folks have a fireplace and how many don’t, we’re going to guess that more people are looking for creative ways to hang their stocking during the holidays than not. We happen to be part of that crowd, so without further ado, here’s 7 festive ways to display your stockings!1. Dec 03, 2015 · 12 Best DIY Stocking Hangers for Your Socks Everyone knows that the stockings must be hung by the chimney with care on the night before Christmas. If you don’t have the pleasure of a fireplace in your living room, you can certainly get creative with a bookshelf or a picture ledge. Nov 24, 2017 · Windows are a fun place to hang your stockings. String them from the top of the window frame, hang them from your window locks, or from weighted stocking holders. When hanging your stockings by the window, do so with care in the hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there!.

The Best DIY Christmas Stocking Hangers and Display Ideas.

Here’s an easy DIY way to hang your stockings as well as some other ideas that will make a great addition to your holiday decor.Supplies:Directions:Use a level to draw a faint line on your wall where you want to hang the log, to make sure it’s straight. Using a. Push the wire loop to the back of the mantel. Hang one S-hook for each stocking from the wire underneath the mantel. Tie a small rubber band around the wire beside each S-hook to keep the hooks from sliding to the center. Hang the stockings from the S-hooks. May 31, 2016 · Here are 6 creative ways how to hang stockings without a mantel for Christmas! I love getting questions from Tip Junkies! Recently, Alicia asked for some creative ideas for hanging stockings without a mantle? Well Alicia, here are some options: DesignMom has several great suggestions. Currently. These glitter letters are simple to make and attach to any Christmas stocking. Choose your favorite glitter and a letter based on your first name, last name or both to make a stocking uniquely yours. 18. Cut and Paste. Be prepared—friends and family will be asking where you learned to sew once you hang these stockings on your mantle.

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