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Orthobullets has done the hard work of filtering for the evidence of which you need to be aware. Target Content: Only Orthobullets "Tested" articles count as target content. "Tested Articles" represent a small subset of all the articles and have met specific Orthobullets inclusion criteria. metatarsal cuneiform; Pathophysiology. etiology idiopathic primary osteoarthritis is most common form of midfoot arthritis; posttraumatic; inflammatory; pathoanatomy large forces seen by joints that have. Jul 30, 2013 · Medial cuneiform fractures which are commonly a part of a rather complex injury affecting the foot and ankle joint rarely occur as an isolated injury. The diagnosis is difficult due to the complex nature of the anatomic structures of the bones of the feet.

The medial or first cuneiform is the largest of the three cuneiform bones. The name cuneiform derives from the Latin cuneus wedge and forma likeness, based on its appearance. The medial cuneiform articulates with the navicular posteriorly, the middle or second cuneiform laterally, and the base of the first and second metatarsals anteriorly. Sep 19, 2017 · Summary.The majority consist of minor avulsion or stress fractures. Significantly displaced fractures often require orthopaedic intervention. The navicular bone is particularly at risk for avascular necrosis, difficult to diagnose, and therefore a high.

Metatarsal fractures are common injuries to the foot often sustained with direct blows to the foot or twisting forces. If adequately assessed these fractures are easy to treat and have a favorable prognosis. May 26, 2014 · The treatment of foot fractures presents specific challenges in pediatric patients. Accordingly, this author presents a comprehensive guide to diagnosing and treating calcaneal fractures, stress fractures, metatarsal fractures and other common injuries in this patient population. Nutcracker Cuboid Fractures are never Isolated Injuries.The term 'nutcracker' fracture denotes a comminuted fracture of the cuboid which can lead to significant lateral column shortening and pain if treated improperly. The published literature discusses these injures with implications of such fractures being isolated injuries. INTRODUCTION. Toe fractures are relatively common and frequently managed by primary care and emergency physicians. According to two reviews of orthopedic management in the primary care setting, broken toes account for approximately 9 percent of fractures treated [].Of these, over 60 to 75 percent involve the smaller toes [].Although often dismissed as inconsequential, toe fractures that are. Maisonneuve fracture refers to a combination of a fracture of the proximal fibula together with an unstable ankle injury widening of the ankle mortise on x-ray, often comprising ligamentous injury distal tibiofibular syndesmosis, deltoid ligament and/or fracture of the medial malleolus.It is caused by pronation external-rotation mechanism.

In cases with a suspicion of cuneiform fracture, bipartic medial cuneiform which is defined as a variant of the normal anatomy should also be considered in the differential diagnosis. The direction and the plane of the fracture are important radiologically.

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