David Azzato advice for UK entrepreneurs

David Azzato has some sound advice to offer fellow entrepreneurs both in the UK and around the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the key pieces of advice that he has is to keep moving and to always look for new opportunities. This is what defines a good entrepreneur, they are always looking for a newer and better opportunity. Staying moving keeps entrepreneurs from growing stagnant and taking too long on any one thing which means that nothing actually gets done. Many entrepreneurs are not looking for perfection he said, they are often looking for what is simply good enough. This mindset allows them to constantly have a new goal and to set milestones so that a setback does not prevent them from achieving their next goal. David Azzato has also said that you should not give up despite the many setbacks and challenges that entrepreneurs face in today’s troubled times.

There are many articles that are being published right now that are ignoring the

many businesses that are successful says David Azzato. There are new businesses being created and there are older ones that are reinventing themselves in the face of the threat that they have faced. Always consider what the consumers are looking for, times have changed, and it is likely that the interests of the consumers have likewise changed. Entrepreneurs must not necessarily go off of what the experts say but what the consumers are saying and doing. Their actions are the ones that dictate the ebb and flow of the markets not what the experts say.

Adaptation is also a key piece of advice that David Azzato advocates for, for example, a restaurant can start selling meal kits as opposed to shutting down. The restaurant has taken the information that many people are now eating at home and adapted to this by providing a service or good that people would be interested in using. He has also said that simply because a business has never provided a particular good or service in the past does not mean that they cannot start doing so now. Diversity is key as it allows a business to better survive and then thrive as it carves out a new niche for itself. By diversifying the business can also increase its profits as it no longer dependent on a particular good or service but can now offer many different items for its customers. Learn more: