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a lame duck 1. If a politician or a government is a lame duck, they have little real power, for example because their period of office is coming to an end.2. If someone or something is a lame duck, they are in a very weak position and in need of support. The company has completed its. lame duck.n. 1. a. An elected officeholder or group continuing in office during the period between failure to win an election and the inauguration of a successor. b. An officeholder who has chosen not to run for reelection or is ineligible for reelection. Word forms: plural lame ducks. 1. countable noun [oft NOUN noun] If you describe someone or something as a lame duck, you are critical of them because. ‘The phrase lame duck was being bandied about to describe the manager, though since he had banned all contact with the press, never in his earshot.’ ‘Lucky Day is a real lame duck.

The term lame duck generally describes one who holds power when that power is certain to end in the near future. In the United States, when an elected official loses an election, that official is called a lame duck for the remainder of his or her stay in office. Lame Duck Syndrome unknown A condition in which the affected individual is unwilling to exert effort into maintaining friendships so resorts to collecting 'lame ducks' the socially inept who are otherwise incapable of forming friendships. The description of 'lame duck' is often applied to politicians who are known to be in their final term of office, when colleagues and electors look toward a successor. It is also sometimes used to describe office-holders who have lost an election but have not yet left office. Definition of lame-duck. Do you know the meaning of lame-duck? Word in 9 letters. This definition of the word lame-duck is from the Wiktionary, where you can also find the etimology, other senses, synonyms, antonyms and examples.

A lame duck in politics is an elected official who isn't seeking re-election. The term implies lame ducks are ineffective, but that's not always true. Lame-duck session definition, formerly the December to March session of those members of the U.S. Congress who were defeated for reelection the previous November. See more. Sep 28, 2019 · US, politics An elected official who has lost the recent election or is not eligible for reelection and is marking time until leaving office. Congressman Jones was a lame duck and did not vote on many issues that were important to his constituents. finance, slang, dated A. Definition of a Lame Duck. To understand a lame duck, imagine you are back in elementary school. You have spent the whole school year preparing for the state test that you completed 3 weeks ago.

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Jun 21, 2019 · Lame duck sessions only occur in even-numbered years if Congress reconvenes after the elections. Since 2000, the House and Senate have done just that every year. Congress uses the lame duck session to consider important votes. Sometimes it's because it hasn't gotten the work done in time. Lame Duck: 1. A person who has defaulted on his or her debts or has gone bankrupted due to the stock market. The phrase is said to have originated from the London Stock Market during the 1700s and.

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