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Deists believe in a god of nature -- a noninterventionist creator -- who permits the universe to run itself according to natural laws. Like a “clockmaker god” initiating the cosmic process, the universe moves forward, without needing God’s supervision. Jun 18, 2019 · While deists agree that the Bible is not the inspired Word of God, opinions about Jesus differ. Some deists believe He existed but treat Jesus only as a moral example and others believe He never existed at all, but deists reject the notion of miracles, including the resurrection. What do deists believe? The term "deism" comes from the Latin word deus, which means god. Deism is the belief that God, or a god, exists; this belief is based solely on evidence from the natural world and human reason apart from the revelation of the Bible or other sacred writings. Deists believe that God created the universe in such a way that it functions naturally and that there is no need nor likelihood of supernatural intervention or divine revelation. They reject miracles and believe that morality is derived from reason rather than revealed directly by God. Jul 28, 2017 · Deism is the philosophical belief that God exists as the Creator of the universe. Do not confuse the biblical version of God with what deists believe, for deists reject all holy books, divine revelation, intervention, miracles, etc. The concept of deism is based purely on logical deduction.

The words "A new cycle of the ages - Deism" means that as the religion and philosophy of Deism gains greater acceptance, Deists believe that negative elements of the previous cycle -- such as fear and superstition-based religious beliefs -- are vanishing. For instance some deists believe in the soul, and some don’t. Some believe that souls survive after you human body dies and carries on into the afterlife, to be rewarded or punished by god. Deist Benjamin Franklin believed in reincarnation, or resurrection. God, having created the universe and set the machinery in motion, took no further interest in man or his world. Do Deists believe that God created the creation and the world and then just stepped back from it? Some Deists do and some believe God may intervene in human affairs.

Jan 11, 2012 · Deists believed in God but didn’t necessarily see him as active in human affairs. The god of the Deists was a god of first cause. He set things in motion and then stepped back. Deists believe that human beings have "free will" and have responsibility for choosing how they live in relation to natural laws that govern the world. It is sometimes said that deists believe that God created the world, set it in operation, and then took no further interest in it. There is no single answer that encompasses all deists. Some do believe in an afterlife while some do not. This is the best point to quote Thomas Paine: "I believe in only one God; and I have hope for happiness in an afterlife." Paine was not sayin.

Deists believe that a higher power created the world. They do not believe that the creation of the universe happened because of a spontaneous event. They usually reject supernatural events like miracle s, and believe that a god has set up natural laws and does not interfere with. Jan 16, 2010 · Deists who believe in God, or at least a divine principle, follow few if any of the other tenets and practices of Christianity, Judaism, or any religion believing in a personal God. Any deist god is an eternal entity whose power is equal to his/her will.

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