Describe The Six Unique Structures Necessary For Fetal Circulation »

All the necessary nutrition, oxygen, and life support from the mother’s blood goes through the placenta and to the baby through blood vessels in the umbilical cord. Waste products and carbon dioxide from the baby are sent back through the umbilical cord blood vessels. Fetal Circulatory System.Well-oxygenated blood from the inferior vena cava enters the right atrium the upper right chamber of the heart. The fetal circulation system differs from an adult's circulatory system in that most of the blood flows into the left atrium through a hole called the foramen ovale. Because of certain changes in the cardiovascular system at birth, certain vessels and structures are no longer required.Over a period of months these fetal vessels form nonfunctional ligaments, and fetal structures such as the foramen ovale persist as anatomic vestiges of the prenatal circulatory system.

The placenta—a circulatory organ unique to pregnancy—develops jointly from the embryo and uterine wall structures to fill this need. Emerging from the placenta is the umbilical vein, which carries oxygen-rich blood from the mother to the fetal inferior vena cava via the ductus venosus to the heart that pumps it into fetal circulation. Finally, a unique feature of fetal circulation is the low oxygen saturation level of fetal blood. The fetal oxygen saturation level is considerably lower than that of the newborn infant because of the lower efficiency of the placenta as compared to the lungs as an organ of gas exchange. Fetal hemoglobin exists in higher percentages in the fetal circulation. Fetal hemoglobin differs chemically from adult hemoglobin. It possesses greater affinity for oxygen and can carry twenty to thirty percent more oxygen at a particular oxygen partial pressure. Fetal circulation relies on the difference between fetal and maternal hemoglobin. The fetal circulation has. a study was carried out to describe the morphological events of the skin during the intrauterine life of Cavia porcellus from the 10th to the 60th day of gestation.

Through the blood vessels in the umbilical cord, the fetus receives all the necessary nutrition, oxygen, and life support from the mother through the placenta. Waste products and carbon dioxide from the fetus are sent back through the umbilical cord and placenta to the mother's circulation to be eliminated. The fetal circulation system.From there it empties into the aorta, which winds around the truncus pulmonalis ascending aorta, glides over the bifurcation in the right and left pulmonary artery aortic arch, and – heading towards the back - goes over into the descending part of the aorta. In contrast, CO 2.

The transition from a fetus to a newborn is the most complex adaptation that occurs in human experience. Lung adaptation requires the coordinated clearance of fetal lung fluid, surfactant secretion, and the onset of consistent breathing. With the removal of the low-pressure placenta, the.
Fetal Circulation The blood that flows through the fetus is actually more complicated than after the baby is born normal heart. This is because the mother the placenta is.

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