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Define electric-discharge lamp. electric-discharge lamp synonyms, electric-discharge lamp pronunciation, electric-discharge lamp translation, English dictionary definition of electric-discharge lamp. n another name for fluorescent lamp Noun 1. electric-discharge lamp - an electric lamp in which the light comes from an electric discharge between. Note: Electric-discharge lamps may be named after the filling gas or vapor that is responsible for the major portion of the radiation; e.g., mercury lamps, sodium lamps, neon lamps, and argon lamps. Electric discharge lamps share a number of common features, such as those associated with a radiating body of gas and certain properties of plasmas. Discussion of phenomena in connection with one of them can also apply to others, which enables the author to emphasize unique aspects of behavior in each type of lamp. Much of the material about.

a type of lamp in which an electrical gas discharge is maintained in a tube with a thin layer of phosphor on its inside surface. The gas, which is often mercury vapour, emits ultraviolet radiation causing the phosphor to fluoresce 2. An ordinary household fluorescent lamp is an example of an electric-discharge source. The lamp tube, coated on the inside with fluorescent phosphors, contains a mixture of a rare gas and mercury vapour. On application of sufficiently high voltage across the lamp's terminals, a low-pressure mercury arc forms. High-intensity discharge lamp A lamp that produces light by passing an electrical current through a gas or vapor under high pressure. HID lamps have a long life and consume little energy to produce a great amount of light. However, they distort the color rendition of objects and are used mostly as ambient lighting for commercial interiors. Ballasts are. Sep 13, 2009 · What is light given off by an electric discharge through sodium vapor? The electric discharge excit sodium atoms and a light with the wavelength 589,3 nm is.

Historically, discharge lamps represented, in the nineteenth century, the first forms of electric lighting, even before the invention of the incandescent lamps. The discharge was obtained by combining two metal or graphite rods in atmospheric air. Electrical Symbology Description Diode LEO Light-emitting diode Lighting output Wall lighting Fluorescent output Line output fluorescent Auxiliary discharge lamp device Block autonomous emergency light Low intensity lamps Output incandescent lamp Symbols Description Bicolor LED Diode The color depends on the polarity Point iluminaria. A piece of equiptment that controls the starting and operation of electric discharge lamps and acts as a small transformer in the lighting circuit. Electric Discharge Lamp. A lamp that generates light by passing an electric arc through space filled with specially formulated mixtures of gasses.

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Applications of Arcs: welding, lamps, rectifiers, switching, protection, fuses. References; Introduction. An electrical discharge results from the creation of a conducting path between two points of different electrical potential in the medium in which the points are immersed. If the supply of electrical charge is continuous, the discharge is. Definition of electric discharge in theDictionary. Meaning of electric discharge. What does electric discharge mean? Proper usage and pronunciation in phonetic transcription of the word electric discharge. Information about electric discharge in the. A gas discharge lamp is a light source that generates light by creating an electrical discharge through an ionized gas. There are many different types of lamps that operate under this principle. Commonly, we separate them in 3 basic categories: High pressure discharge lamps, Low pressure discharge lamps and High-intensity discharge lamps. AT the tenth annual conference at Margate of the Association of Public Lighting Engineers, a paper was read on September 5 by Mr. G. H. Wilson on electric discharge lamps and their applications to.

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