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EXP - What does EXP stand for? The Free Dictionary.

The EXP / CACTUS partnership stems from both companies' recognition of the industry's need for an effective solution that will enable healthcare entities to properly capture, secure and dispose of raw pharmaceutical waste including controlled substances. Looking for the definition of EXP? Find out what is the full meaning of EXP on ! 'Explain' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. 25 definitions of EXP. Meaning of EXP. What does EXP stand for? EXP abbreviation. Define EXP at. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools. What does EXP stand for? Your abbreviation search returned 25 meanings. Link/Page Citation Category Filters.

In mathematics, the abbreviation "exp" stands for the word exponent. An exponent is a number placed after another number to indicate the power to which the former number is to be raised. The expression 5 exp 2, for example, means 5 raised to the second power or 5 x 5. 8 rows · EXP Stands For: All acronyms 67 Airports & Locations 2 Business & Finance 6. 26 rows · EXP Stands For: All acronyms 67 Airports & Locations 2 Business & Finance 6. I’m looking for the meaning of “exp.”? The abbreviation exp. French means “expé Here’s a list of examples and english translations for exp.

Here's the context: "The trait has been reported to appear in numerous types of animals" - exp. "Aristophanes' slander could even be held partially responsible for his sentencing to death, under the accusation that he corrupted the minds of youths.". - exp. Feb 08, 2004 · "exp" means "exponential" function. In other words, expx= e x. It's used when it is to much trouble or too expensive to Add superscript on top of superscript. The example you give would have a fraction in the exponent. Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports This list should be used only as a guide in interpreting criminal record information. Some jurisdictions may interpret some of the terms contained herein differently. Although the FBI does publish a standard list, many abbreviations are the result of local court "ingenuity." This list of. The "exp" stands for "exponential". The term "expx" is the same as writing e x or e^x or "e to the x" or "e to the power of x". In this context, "e" is a universal constant, e = 2.718281828. it goes on forever but you don't need to know the value, your calculator probably has expx or e^x as a function if, as I am assuming, it is a scientific calculator.

List of medical abbreviations: E. Jump to navigation Jump to search Sortable table Abbreviation Meaning E: ecstasy electrolytes Enterococcus epinephrine: EAC. Exp Lap: exploratory laparotomy: Ext: extremities. exp – exponential function. exp x is also written as e x. expi – cosi sin function. Also written as cis. expm1 – exponential minus 1 function. Also written as exp1m. exp1m – exponential minus 1 function. Also written as expm1. Ext – Ext functor. ext – exterior. extr – a set of extreme points of a set. FIP – finite intersection property. Looking for online definition of exponential or what exponential stands for? exponential is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. Exponential - What does exponential stand for? The Free Dictionary. In most RPG games, EXP stands for Experience Points. Not in Undertale. EXP stands for execution points, gained by killing monster. By gaining enough EXP, you will go to a new LV, or level of violence.

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