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A license plate that ends in ‘4’ is considered bad luck and leads to death, while one that ends in an ‘8’ means good fortune and luck. The most expensive plate purchased at this same auction was license plate AC6688 which went for $10,000. Apr 12, 2018 · That record currently belongs to a Ferrari collector who paid £518,480 for the number plate '25 O' in 2014.

World's most expensive car number plate on sale for Rs 132 crore.If the deal is realised, the number plate will be the most expensive placing it ahead of ‘D5’ plate sold in Dubai. This number plate was bought by an Indian Balwinder Sahani for a whopping Rs 67 crore.Moneycontrol News @moneycontrolcom. Read on to find out more about the most expensive number plates ever sold. 5. M1 - €373,000 Mike McCoomb paid €373,000 for the ‘M1’ number plate back in 2006. The number plate was reportedly bought as a birthday present for his 6 year old son, despite him not being able to. Apr 10, 2018 · THE world's most expensive number plate is up for sale - with a staggering £14.4MILLION price tag. The "F1" registration is listed for sale for the first time in a decade with the eye-watering value. Believed to be owned by Kahn Design founder Afzal Kahn, it was last seen on his Bugatti Veyron SuperSport.

Private number plates UK for sale are getting cheaper by the year, with plates now available for a small double figure sum. This has made them affordable to all. However, over the years we have seen number plates sold at extortionate rates, and in this post we are going to take a look at five of the most expensive. Aug 28, 2017 · NSW licence plate No. 4 sold for record $2.45 million to Chinese billionaire.Monday night’s auction is expected to set a new benchmark in the cost of single-digit plates. Mr Tseng’s purchase of the No. 2 plate set a record at $750,000 that was topped in 2008 when the No. 6 number plate sold for $800,000. May 14, 2016 · Pre-1963 plates - after which date recognitions came in - are sought after; Most expensive number plate in the UK is simply 1 - it sold for £7.25m.

The world's most expensive and most desirable number plate - F1 is now on sale in the UK for a staggering Rs 132 Crore!Special number plates for two wheelers range from Rs 5,000-50,000 for two wheelers while those for four wheelers range from Rs 15,000 to Rs 1 lakh. In case the same number is wanted by two individuals. The most expensive license plate in the US is one of only four 1921 Alaska plates known to have survived since the time before the territory was officially a state. The plate’s rarity can be attributed to the fact that, in those days, Alaska just didn’t have the roads to support a lot of cars and even getting the auto to Alaska was an expensive undertaking. This particular license plate was sold in 2000 in a Wendy’s. DVLA auction figures reveal the UK’s most expensive private number plates. 1. '25 O': £518,000bought by Ferrari dealer John Collins in 2014. The plate is now thought to take pride of place on a. Apr 09, 2018 · The current record of the most expensive number plate sold was the 'D5' plate that was sold to an Indian - Balwinder Sahani for Rs 67 crore. Another plate. Welcome to Toytown Germany, an English-language community website for Germany.Over 1,500 English-speakers are currently active members.Read the introduction, view the members map, or jump right into the discussion forum.

Buy a used Number Plates in Dubai or sell your 2nd hand Number Plates on dubizzle and reach our automotive market of 1.6 million buyers in the United Arab of Emirates. Brand new & used Number Plates for sale in Dubai - Sell your 2nd hand Number Plates on dubizzle & reach 1.6 million buyers today. Save Search. 'Current' style plates are the registrations currently used for new registrations and are made up of the form; 2 letters, 2 numbers and then 3 letters. AA68 ABC 'Prefix' style plates are the registrations that were used prior to 2001 and consist of; 1 letter, 1-3 numbers and then 3 letters. Numbers.ae is a Web service aimed to create an easy and convenient way to purchase or sell Plate and Mobile Numbers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. Find the latest car number plates for sale in Singapore. Bid on your dream car plate number for your vehicle. All Sections New Cars Used Cars Motor Directory Product Guide Articles Forum. Apr 25, 2018 · Unique number plate goes on sale in the UK for £10,000,000 - Here’s what it says A RARE personalised number plate has gone on sale in the UK for a whopping £10 million.

Generally speaking, the older a number plate is the more expensive it tends to be on the private market. Registrations that appear like different words and names carry their own valued based on how popular the name is, as well as how many number plates there are on the market that are similar. If you wish to have private number plates on your vehicle you must acquire the right to display the new number. This means having the number officially transferred to your vehicle in place of its old number. You may not change your registration number by simply buying plastic number plates bearing the number you desire. Dec 06, 2015 · This page contains a gallery of Victoria’s most expensive heritage number plates, sorted in order of their sale price. I have included all auction sales, as well as private sales which have been mentioned publicly. Apr 10, 2018 · The world's most expensive number plate is up for sale. So if you've always wanted to be seen driving around the U.K. with a plate that reads. The most expensive license plate ever carries the number ‘1’ and was sold in 2008 to businessman and member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family, Saeed Abdul Ghafour Khourim for a whopping $14.3 million.

Cheap Number Plates. Please find below a list of our cheap private number plates for sale in our Bargain Personalised number plate range. Don't forget that the All inc price even INCLUDES number plates so you've got nothing extra to pay! Apr 09, 2018 · World’s Most Expensive Number Plate for Sale at Rs 132 Crore, Worth 4500 Maruti Suzuki Alto Just to give you a reference, you can buy 4500 Maruti Suzuki Altos, or. Mar 03, 2016 · The number plates that are worth more than cars The "Vic 230" number plate sold last month for $135,000, while "Vic 1" and "NSW 1" could be worth as much as $2.5 million.

DVLA Number Plates. DVLA Number Plates, also known as DVLA registrations, can be purchased and used on DVLA registered vehicles. Some types of DVLA number plate, such as those registered before 1963 or in Northern Ireland, allow you to hide the age of a vehicle.

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