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Georgette Mulheir Discusses Why Haiti is a Functionally a Failed State

In the world today, there are very few countries that can be described as failed states. It is worth indicating that there has been some sort of leadership and rules in most of the countries that have been seen by most of the people as experiencing some challenges. Such countries have been looking for some of the ways through which they can make sure they continue to operate despite the major challenges they have been facing (Voice-online).


According to the United Nations, there have been some major countries around the world that have been facing some major challenges in their operations. For Georgette Mulheir, these countries have been seen to have some dictatorial strategies in their operations and rules, but they have been operating as needed. There is nothing sinister that can highlight some major challenges in these countries as they continue with their activities. According to Georgette Mulheir, Haiti is the only country out there in the world today that can easily be described as a failed state with respect to the operations and the rules governing how the United Nations has highlighted. There is nothing that this country has been incorporating in the last few years that clearly shows that it is functioning like a good and reliable state. All the major issues that have been happening in the country point out some major problems that the country should be addressing.


The political system in Haiti has not been functional for a number of years. There have been some major conflicts between the various parties that have been given the mandate and the authority to help in running the operations of the country. Each of these political parties has been fighting with the hope of ensuring that it will be able to secure the political leadership of the country. There have been very many policies and strategies that have been introduced in very many countries around the world that have been looking to make sure that political stability in various countries has been restored. However, in Haiti, Georgette Mulheir indicates that there is very little that is currently being incorporated to help in solving most of the challenges in this country.


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