Crisis in Haiti Politics

Georgette Mulheir: Guardian of Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is the co-founder and European spokesperson for Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHD), a global human rights and pro-democracy advocacy organization focused on protecting, preserving, and bolstering Haiti’s democracy. Haiti, a country in the Caribbean, is the poorest sovereign state in North America. For the past several decades, Georgette Mulheir explains, it has faced a torrent of political, economic, and social issues, which have been further compounded by natural disasters, civil war, and widespread poverty. 


Not only that, the recent assassination of the country’s president has crippled Haiti only further. As a result, Haiti’s political stability has been severely shaken, and what fragile democracy it has managed to previously maintain has all but crumbled, leaving Haitians to fend for themselves as victims of an anarchistic state. Georgette Mulheirs points out that Defend Haiti’s Democracy works with the international community, frontline organizations, and individual Haitians to combat civil and human rights abuses, uphold the rule of law, and provide safeguards against escalating violence and injustice.


Defend Haiti’s Democracy is not Georgette Mulheir’s first foray into human rights projects, however. She began her career as a social worker for Sheffield Social Services and moved to Romania in the early 1990s to combat the country’s orphan crisis. There, Georgette Mulheir lowered the rate of institutionalization by a factor of ten and pioneered a lasting model for caregiving and deinstitutionalization now followed by many countries around the world. Following her work in Romania, Mulheir worked on various social service and children’s rights campaigns, joining DHD in 2020.

Follow up on Georgette Mulheir´s activism in Haiti