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Its gonna be difficult to answer this without the real info involved IPs, domainname, sender adress, full spf record etc. It also looks like this message wasn't sent to gmail directly, but retrieved from your server via Gmail Fetch Header X-Gmail-Fetch-Info , which makes the analysis even more complicated. SPF softfail for forwarded emails to Gmail account.Ask Question. up vote 3 down vote favorite. 2. I've been able to make SPF pass on all the sent emails from my Postfix server. But for forwarded domains which simply redirect email to my gmail id I see softfail in the SPF. If the user has the ability to set up a TXT SPF record in their domain's name server referring to Plusnet or any other SMTP then it will work irrespective of Plusnet's declared functionality. SPF checking is performed by the receiving MX not the sending MX. Some mail servers actually reject mails on SPF Fail. Given that SPF has known trouble with mail forwarding services and some mailing list this might lead to loss of mails. For use with DMARC it actually does not matter if SPF is Fail or Soft-Fail. All what matters is if SPF is Pass and this result is the same for both kinds of policies. Jun 14, 2017 · spf=softfail : domain of transitioning [email protected] does not designate as permitted sender Now, I fully understand that I can add to the spf record and it.

However, when using a non-Google mail client, messages appear to originate from the Public IP of the device sending the mail, rather that Google's mail servers. Because of this, these messages "softfail" an SPF check becausedoes not have listed the public IP. Mail sent from my PHP is not delivered to some clients and this I am suspecting could be due to SPF test returning a softfail with domain of transitioning. The message details are below: Deliver.

Google Spf Softfail

Nov 07, 2013 · Header in email fromstates "spf=softfail". I'm wondering if an e-mail address was spoofed. I received an email claiming to be from my wife's hotmail address. DKIM selector optional Home; Feedback; Google; Privacy & Terms; Change language. この場合、SPF spf1 の対象ドメインは From ヘッダのドメイン部ですので、 の DNS TXT レコードを見て判定します の TXT レコードは無関係。の TXT は変更できませんので、SOFTFAIL は仕方がないと思います。. Sep 02, 2014 · As with a lot of new technologies the real power comes from when they are used by the masses. Sender Policy Framework or SPF is no longer a new technology and is generally widely used to help preserve email domain reputation for large organisations, but it's as well-known about in the Small to Medium sized business. If the SPF record for “” includes spf. and passes against the SPF record for spf. then this mechanism will pass. The “all” mechanism The all mechanism will match against everything and in this case the result will be a SoftFail for everything that gets to this point.

Sender Policy Framework SPF is an email authentication method designed to detect forging sender addresses during the delivery of the email. SPF alone, though, is limited only to detect a forged sender claimed in the envelope of the email which is used when the mail gets bounced. There is no SPF record for, or the SPF record is misconfigured: it has incorrect format or an IP is not listed in SPF record for. Resolution. Note: if DNS is managed by a 3rd party DNS server, the record should be configured there. Go to Domains >> DNS Settings.

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