Haroldo Jacobovicz Technology Expert

Haroldo Jacobovicz’s Charitable Activities in Curitiba and Environs

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a businessperson and entrepreneur passionate about advancing information technology. Due to his passion for information technology, the businessperson chose to move to the next level in guaranteeing future philanthropic activity by establishing the Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute. The investor is famous for his charity endeavors, most recently contributing to twenty institutions in Curitiba and the neighboring regions. Haroldo Jacobovicz has practiced giving back to society, a pattern that has lingered in the minds of many, particularly in Curitiba.

The investor is the CEO of the E-Governe group, including Minauro, Sisteplan, and Consult. He is also a board member of Horizons Telecom, a telecom firm. He established the company e-Governe because he was determined to solve existing challenges. The firm offers cybersecurity solutions to government clients by developing new software rental services.


Giving to those in need is an excellent way for an investor to focus his attention. As a civil engineer, Haroldo Jacobovicz values improving people’s lives by tackling common problems. His enthusiasm for technology drives him to develop initiatives and find practical answers through his unique ideas.

Since most people spend hours working, each corporate office he owns provides a healthy environment for employees. Employees can use private transportation to and from work safely without the fear of contracting a virus or disease on public transit.

During the winter, Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute runs campaigns and gives blankets to the less fortunate to keep them warm. The institute aims to develop an organized annual schedule that follows the Ministry of Health’s social distance and hygiene recommendations.

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