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9" Sharp Circular Needles - HiyaHiya North America.

- 24" Steel Circular Needles - 32" Steel Circular Needles - 40" Steel Circular Needles - 47" Steel Circular Needles - 60" Steel Circular Needles - 4" Steel Double Point Needles - 6" Steel Double Point Needles - 8" Steel Double Point Needles - Sharp Stainless Steel - 9" Sharp Circular Needles - 12" Sharp Circular Needles - 16" Sharp Circular Needles. HiyaHiya Circular Knitting Needles > HiyaHiya 9 Inch Bamboo Circular Needles; HiyaHiya 9 Inch Bamboo Circular Needles. Showing 1-8 of 12 results 1 2 Next >> 9" 0 US/2mm HiyaHiya Bamboo Circular Needle; USD$ 8.95; Item is available. 9" 1 US/2.25mm HiyaHiya Bamboo Circular Needle.

HiyaHiya 9 Inch Sharp Steel Circular Needles are the perfect solutionfor knitting socks one at a time or working sleeves on a baby sweater.The tips are terrifically sharp making increases, decreases and intricate stitch patterns much easier to work. HiyaHiya Circular Knitting Needles > HiyaHiya Sharp 9 Inch Steel Circular Needles; HiyaHiya Sharp 9 Inch Steel Circular Needles. Showing 1-8 of 12 results 1 2 Next >> 9" 0 US/2mm HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Circular Needle; USD$ 9.45; Item is available. 9" 1 US/2.25mm HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Circular Needle. Hiya Hiya 9 inch 23cm circular sock needles. These are the fantastic 9 inch needles that sock knitters everywhere are talking about. We are an authorised distributor of Hiya Hiya Needles. Features of these needles: Lovely flexible cables and seamless joins are teamed with high. - 9" Bamboo Circular Needles - 16" Bamboo Circular Needles - 24" Bamboo Circular Needles - 32" Bamboo Circular Needles - 40" Bamboo Circular Needles - 60" Bamboo Circular Needles - 5" Bamboo Double Point Needles - 6" Bamboo Double Point Needles - 8" Bamboo Double Point Needles - Standard Stainless Steel - 9" Steel Circular Needles - 11" Steel. 9-Inch Circular Needle tips are approximately 2 inches long. Every HiyaHiya needle includes a free gift.

Hiya Hiya SHARP 9 Inch Circular Needle - VARIOUS SIZES Sharp stainless steel circular knitting needles, smooth as silk, flexible cables and perfect joins. Fabulous for knitting socks, sleeves, cuffs, dolls clothes, you name it! Sharp Stainless Steel Knitting Needle, 23cm - Sizes 2mm to 2.75mm US. TheHiyaHiya 9" SHARP circular knitting needles are made of high quality stainless Steel. They are lightweight to handle and will warm quickly to the hand. Cable colors vary. 9" SHARP circular knitting needles. HIYA HIYA SIZE 3 3.25 MM 9 INCH 23 CM SHARP CIRCULAR KNITTING NEEDLE. $8.80. 6 left. HiyaHiya 4" Stainless Steel DP Knitting Needles. Hiya Hiya Stainless Steel Fixed Circular Needles 23cm 9" to 150cm 60" $8.34. 7 sold. HiyaHiya Sharp Steel Circular Knitting Needles. $9.07. 4 sold. HiyaHiya Steel Circular Knitting Needles. $9.07. 4.

9" 1.5 US/2.5mm HiyaHiya SHARP Steel Circular Needle.

Needles By Length - HiyaHiya North America.

HiyaHiya 9-inch Bamboo Circular Knitting Needles. Your Price: $8.75 In Stock. HiyaHiya 9" Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles. Your Price: $9.25 In Stock. HiyaHiya 6" Stainless Steel Double Point Knitting Needles. Your Price: $9.25 In Stock. HiyaHiya Stainless Steel Interchangeable Knitting Needle. The flexibility of the 9 inch needles help reduce the laddering I experience with solid double points. I have used 4 and 5 9-inch rather than 4 or 5 solid double point. Also you should review/try the KA Classic Bamboo Switch Exchangeable-Interchangeable Circular 9-inch needles. Feb 17, 2016 · In this video, we cover the ins-and-outs of 9 inch circular needles. When to use them, using them both Continental and English/American, and a needle.

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