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Jason Hughes began his career working in commercial realty working for Cushman & Wakefield in Los Angeles in the 1980’s. Later he relocated to the San Diego area and began representing a variety of clients in their lease and purchasing negotiations. Jason Hughes is currently the owner, CEO, and chairman of Hughes Marino LLC in San Diego. For the past twenty years both Jason Hughes and his wife Shay have been players in commercial property in San Diego where Hughes Marino is now the largest tenant and buyer representation company. 


With the success in San Diego, Hughes Marino buyer representation firm has expanded out to different cities across the country. Because of their prominence in the industry, both Jason and Shay have been focusing on providing their clients the best service possible. They are focused on client services, and improving them to a new level, including guarantees in both service and results (Csq).


In addition to the clients that he is serving, Jason has helped develop legislation to assist tenants that are working with a broker that may be representing both the tenant and the landlord. This legislation was passed in 2014 and was put in place in 2015. The law is meant to provide transparency so that potential tenants can find out if their broker is also representing the landlord in the same deal. Jason Hughes has been a major influence in both tenant and buyer representation and He has built Hughes Marino LLC up into a renowned company acknowledging the importance of customer satisfaction. 

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