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Nov 20, 2019 · John Rawls, American political and ethical philosopher, best known for his defense of egalitarian liberalism in his major work, A Theory of Justice 1971. He is widely considered the most important political philosopher of the 20th century. In this blog post, I will compare & analyze John Rawls’ two essays, “A Kantian Conception of Equality” and “Distributive Justice” with Robert Nozick’s treatise “Distributive Justice.”.

Rawls's idea of the original position, as initially conceived, is his account of the moral point of view with regard to matters of justice. The original position is a hypothetical perspective that we can adopt in our moral reasoning about the most basic principles of social and political justice. In A Theory of Justice 1971,John Rawls proposed a conception of justice that he called 'justice as fairness."! According to justice as fairness, the most reasonable principles of justice are those that would be the object of mutual agreement by persons under fair conditions. Justice as fairness thus.

RAWLS’S THEORY OF JUSTICE THROUGH AMARTYA SEN’S IDEA Dhawal Shankar Srivastav Abstract “The Idea of Justice” by Nobel Laureate, Amartya Sen is a path breaking work on the concept of justice. His book is not only an extension but also a critique of John Rawls work – Theory of Justice. Aug 26, 2017 · Justice as fairness refers to the conception of justice that John Rawls presents in A Theory of Justice. This conception of justice concerns society’s basic structure—that is, “society’s main political, constitutional, social, and economic institutions and how they fit together to form a unified scheme of social cooperation over time.”1.

It is this idea of mutual acceptance or mutual acknowledgement which makes fairness central to justice because when understood through the conjectural account, the principles of justice arrived at are what can be undoubtedly called as fair since they are premised on the notion of mutual acknowledgement brought about by the condition that these principles are binding on everyone. John Rawls 1921—2002Part One of TJ designs a social-contract-type thought experiment, the Original Position OP, and argues that parties in the OP will prefer Justice as Fairness to utilitarianism and various other views. In order to understand the argument from the OP, one must pay special attention to the motivation of the parties to the OP. Rawls argues that using a hypothetical thought-experiment like the "original position" allows us to reflect upon justice and envision our objectives for justice "from afar" -- that is, from a more detached or seemingly objective standpoint without our personal, individual considerations clouding our judgment.

So, according to Rawls, approaching tough issues through a veil of ignorance and applying these principles can help us decide more fairly how the rules of society should be structured. And fairness, as Rawls and many others believe, is the essence of justice. The best known version of liberalism today—indeed, the version that is often equated with liberalism simply—is John Rawls’s antiperfectionist liberalism, developed in A Theory of Justice 1971 and Political Liberalism 1992.[1] His influence extends far beyond philosophy into law and politics.

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