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John Ritenour and the Insurance Office of America

The success of an internationally renowned insurance company lies within the hard work of this great man John Ritenour. John was born in the 1950s in a town outside Pittsburgh, where he was brought up humbly. Despite the challenges in growing up in such a condition, he pursued his dreams as he grew up. John Ritenour has been in the insurance business for 35 years, and this has helped him gain the required experience. He is a co-founder and chairman of IOA and an international insurance firm. Over the years, he has learned that hard work, passion, and dedication are keys to success.

Like any other successful person, John Ritenour the man behind IOA did not wake up to find the company established. John has gone through many obstacles, and such has sharpened his mind. His first job was in a bakery, where he helped his brother until the business collapsed. After the collapse of the bakery business, he had to seek other ventures, and that was the first time he worked as an insurance salesman. Working door to door was never easy, which helped him garner expertise in handling the insurance business. Many years later, now married to Valli, they opened their first IOA in 1989, based in Florida. Some of the packages they offered include life and health insurance policies. The company has served employment for many people a great deal. In addition, the company has worked with many partners, and that has made it a success.

Many years later, Heath Ritenour – his son could join hands with the family in running the business towards its achievement. Some of the efforts in the company never went unseen, which is why many awards were showered to it, including Entrepreneur of the year and Symetra Tour’s Eloise Trainor award.