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Larry Baer SF Giants CEO Discusses His Entreprneuerial Success Habits

Larry Baer is an accomplished California-based entrepreneur and business leader with roughly three decades of experience working in various sectors. For a significant part of his business career, he has been at SF Giants, starting in the early 1990s, and was elected CEO of this Major League Baseball franchise in 2012.

Baer’s dramatic rise was aided by his leading the acquisition of majority shares at the franchise. Under his leadership, the Giants have bagged several World Series Championship titles and constructed their state-of-the-art stadium, Oracle Park. Recently, the SF Giants CEO came out to discuss his entrepreneurial success habits.

Exercising everyday

Baer revealed that he had made it a habit to exercise every day, no matter what was going on in his life. This has allowed him to build up the relentless discipline that has been instrumental in his business success. The discipline has enabled him to learn to stick to a strict schedule, which has made him more productive.

The SF Giants CEO mentioned that his day always starts at 6.00 pm with a workout, followed by reading newspapers to stay informed on the current affairs, then taking breakfast and proceeding to work. At the office, Larry Baer starts his workday by moving around from office to office to interact with his staff and get updated on the company affairs. He mostly spends the rest of the day brainstorming, making decisions, and networking.

Practice proper communication

The Giants CEO pointed out that he starts his day at work moving from office to office and interacting with employees in person because proper communication is at the center of his business success. He said rather than communicate through emails and memos, the Giants CEO prefers to have direct conversations with his staff through either phone calls or in-person meetings. Baer noted that this habit has enabled him to cultivate stronger relationships with his team and have more fruitful brainstorming sessions.Visit this page for related information.


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