Marwan Salim Kheireddine’s Career Overview

Marwan Salim Kheireddine is a prominent person who has served in numerous leadership positions. He was the Lebanese’ Minister of State from 2011 to 2014. Currently, he is the AL-MAWARID Bank S.A.L Chairman and the General Manager. Marwan has served this company in different capacities since 1992. As the Minister of State, He was appointed to over 20 ministerial committees, dealing with financial, economic, and fiscal matters. He spearheaded the formation of the NSEAP National, Social, and Economic Plan to deeply address significant challenges affecting the Lebanese Economy.

Marwan Salim Kheireddine also contributed a lot to matters to improve the business environment in the Lebanese community by modernizing investment law proposals. Some of the committees he has served on include Budget Committee, P.P.P. Committee, and WSPS Committee. Marwan earned his degree in Business Administration and Economics from R. University in the U.K. Later, he joined the Columbia Business School for his M.B.A.

Marwan’s banking background helped him secure unique positions. He endorsed B.D.L. policies that protected the banking sector of Lebanon and strengthened its abidance to international norms and laws. Also, he played a significant role in drafting Capital Market Law, Electronic Signature Law, Secured Lending Law, Cross-Boarder Cash Limitation Law, and updating the Anti-money Laundering Law. Additionally, Marwan has 80% of the shares for the franchise of V. Megastores in Lebanon and is the sole owner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Between 1994 to 1999, Marwan was a Board Member of the Beirut Stock Exchange, serving as the Chairman and the Chief Financial Advisor. Again, he was a finance lecturer at the American University of Beirut from 1003 to 2013. On top of that, he was the founding member of Y.P.O., Young President Organization, which they created in 1999. He served different positions ranging from Chapter Chair, Finance Officer, and Education Officer.

Besides, Marwan Salim Kheireddine was a co-Chair of YPO-London BSJEEP from 2012 to 2014. Here, he taught introduction to finance sessions. Later in 2012, he joined the Board of Trustees of the same University, the post he holds today. He is also the LCPS’S board member. Connect on linkedin to see full information of Marwan Kheireddine