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Jul 12, 2019 · Classification and Types of Metacarpal Fracture or Broken Hand Metacarpal Fractures or Broken Hand can occur in any area of the bone.The second most common type of metacarpal fracture is seen in the shaft or mid portion of the bone.A transverse. Metacarpal Bones.The metacarpus of the hand is composed of five bony structures known as the metacarpals. They consist of a proximal base, a shaft and a distal head. Together they function as the part of the skeleton which scaffolds and stabilizes the palmar and dorsal regions of the hand. This article will now discuss the anatomical positions. The next row of carpal bones articulate with the first row of carpal bones and the metacarpals of the hand:Trapezium: A four-sided bone.Trapezoid: A wedge-shaped bone.Capitate: The largest wrist bone; shaped like a head.Hamate: Wedge-shaped; similar to the trapezoid but with a bony. The bones of the hand and wrist can be broken down into 14 phalanges, 5 metacarpals, and 8 carpals.When you combine both hands/wrists, you’ll get a total of 54 bones out of the 206 human bones in the average adult skeleton.

Apr 06, 2018 · Metacarpal bones are the intermediate skeletal structure of the hand that forms a connection between the carpal bones wrist and the phalanges fingers. There are five metacarpal bones, numbered from I to V. The metacarpal bones are five long bones of the hand between the carpal bones and the proximal phalanges of the hand that make up most of the palm. Gross anatomy The metacarpal bones run from the carpus, forming the carpometacarpal joints, to t. Apr 06, 2018 · Metacarpal Bones. These hand bones are five in number with each one of them relating to some digit. They articulate proximally with carpal bones in the hands while distally with the phalanges. The relation of these bones with digits signify the bones of the five fingers: • Metacarpal I – Thumb • Metacarpal II – Index finger.

How is a Broken Hand Metacarpal Fracture treated?When the bone breaks, it usually bends forward too.Overall if the metacarpal neck breaks, the index and middle finger must be very close to normal,.If the metacarpal shaft breaks the bone also bends forward.It all depends on how stable the. Oct 09, 2018 · Metacarpophalangeal joints where the five metacarpals hand bones connects with the phalanges thumb and finger bones. Interphalangeal joints where the two phalanges finger bones in the thumb and three phalanges in the other fingers connect. Ligaments are strong bands of tissues that hold bones together.

Bones of the hand, Image Credit: Wikipedia. The metacarpals are 5 bones that connect wrist to phalanges. Metacarpals are numbered from lateral to medial side. Each metacarpal consists of a distal head, a shaft and a base at the proximal end. The head is rounded. Knuckles represent the head of metacarpal bones. 10% of all fractures occur in the metacarpal bones, 40% of hand fractures involve the metacarpal bones and metacarpal fractures have an incidence of 2.5% during the lifetime of an individual. From the above statistics, it is quite evident that metacarpal fractures are a common occurrence.

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