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Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell’s Plan for Four More Royal Holiday Hotel Locations

Pablo Gonzalez Carbonell, President of the Royal Holiday, has announced that the hotel company plans to establish four more locations. This is in response to the post-lockdown tourism reuptake. The four locations will include the Dominican Republic, San Lucas, Rivera Maya, and Baja California. The company already has 16 locations in Mexico, the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

The new locations are expected to open to guests in 2022. The Caribbean countries are exploding, and the hotel industry is likely to fully recover from the COVID-19 effects by then.

Royal Holiday Group has its own vacation club, which allows guests to pay monthly payments for all company locations, including cruises. Carbonell says that this is the second reason for the four new locations.

Carbonell successfully foresaw the lockdowns. As a result, he already had two billion pesos invested in the current business and the expansion. Both experienced a decline by exactly half during the lockdowns.

Pablo Igancio González Carbonell graduated from the National Autonomous University in Mexico in 1972. At 25, he founded the real estate company Bufete Inmobiliario. It’s known for specializing in urban plot sales, shopping centers, and commercial buildings.

In 1980, he furthered his studies at Pan-American of Senior Business Management. At around that same time, he capitalized on the tourist impact by creating Costamex Group, which sells Royal Holiday Vacation Clubs. He is also known for creating the Royal Holiday Club in 1983. It provides underprivileged children with weeklong camp vacations, and for most, it’s their first.