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Pamela Baer Strongly Believes in Helping People Achieve Health and Education Which Core in Her Philanthropy

Pamela Baer is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist born in Texas. She is a University of Texas alumnus with a sparkling financial sector career. She is married to Larry Baer, has four children and is based in San Francisco. Pamela is well known in San Francisco, especially in Bay Area, where she is highly respected for philanthropic projects.

Pamela Baer has worked in several positions in different charitable organizations. Her primary focus has been advocating healthcare and education for vulnerable populations. She serves as lifetime director of the foundation established by the San Francisco General Hospital, where her son was restored to health after an accident at an early age. Pamela also serves as an advisory board member in several charitable organizations, including Giants Community Fund, Nest, and Every Mother Counts.

After her successful career in the financial sector, Pamela Baer started her owning marketing business where she worked with several companies, some former clients, and other Fortune 500 companies. Her business success is centered on supporting charitable courses. Pamela has a way with words that has enabled her to gain support and donations for her philanthropic courses.

Besides her support for charity, Pam Baer is a big art fan. She states that she enjoys art and public art installations that spark creativity and benefit the community. In 2014, she started an organization called Goodness Sake that runs a boutique whose sales proceeds are donated to support other charitable organizations furthering health and education among the vulnerable population. Her organization has raised over $1 million since its inception, which has helped nonprofit philanthropic projects in the Bay Area.

Pamela Baer believes that the key to her success is daily preparation. Pamela thinks that starting every day with meditation followed by a morning hike prepares her mentally to handle the daily activities. She also attributes her success to having a team of like-minded people. Pamela has been keen on collaborations and creating a network to support her philanthropic course. She also strongly believes that women should drop their fear and pursue their goals and dreams. Click here to learn more.


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