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Lumawig, the Supreme Being The Igorot has personified the forces of nature. Complete degeneracy, vice with all manner of disguise thrown off, adultery of the lowest order, were personified in the common Mme. 🔊. Use personified in a sentence personified sentence examples. She is the mother of Ur, the personified fire of hell, who in anger and pride made a violent onset on the world of light compare the similar occurrence in the Manichaean mythology, but was mastered by Hibil and thrown in chains down to the "black water," and imprisoned within. Examples of personification in a sentence, how to use it. 24 examples: He is usually thought to be a personification of evil, and in the minds of many he comes dangerously close to comedy in this regard. - Of course, personification is dangerous ground even when as stripped of indulgence and as credible as it. 22 A personification of wickedness and ungodliness alluded to in the Old and New Testaments. 23 He is very personification of selfishness. 24 The Devala is a. Sentences for personified. ESL students, professors, and people looking to increase their vocabulary may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use personified in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for personified.

Examples of Personify in a sentence. People often personify their cars by giving them human names. 🔊 In the film, the talking mirror appears to personify a young girl’s feelings of self-doubt. 🔊 Describing the flowers as dancing in the wind is one way to personify them. 🔊. Sentence Examples The stream was personified as a god, whose ancient temple lay near the spring,.Guilt, personified as a woman, is cast into.Without doubt many of their gods are deified men; but it is clear that some are the forces.In Hinduism the various implements of sacrifice are. to represent a thing or abstraction in the form of a person, as in art. to embody a quality, idea, etc. in a real person or a concrete thing. to be an embodiment or incarnation of; typify: He personifies the.

Personified quotes from YourDictionary: There are no divisions as such, but there is an appearance of separateness because of ignorance. This means that everything is of ignorance and that every one is Ignorance personified. Asked in Sentence and Word Structure, Personification, Example Sentences What is an example of a sentence using personification ? The sun shone as it looked down upon the earth. personified meaning: If you say that someone is evil personified or kindness personified, you mean that they are a. Learn more.

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