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Peter Vitale Makes the Roads of Michigan Safer

The summer season has arrived after the long winter subsides. This is the time of year when people are most likely to venture out and have a good time. Peter Vitale works in the insurance business out of Michigan, and the data reflects a sharp raise in accidents during the summer months. He finds that hazards can range from construction projects to even typical summer rain showers. In order to combat the increasing number of accidents, Peter Vitale recently compiled a list of safety tips for drivers to consider. It was published on the website Sidecar.

Naturally the most important aspect to consider when driving is the safety of the car itself. Peter Vitale asks readers to consider all aspects from tire pressure, filters, to even the turn signals. A car in full working order should still be checked before a long road trip. The second point to consider is knowing the route to the destination. GPS devices are useful navigation tools, but sometimes traditional maps can provide a unique sense of the land. Additionally, the weather can also impact an individual’s travel plans. Rainy weather can cause issues, while sunny skies might open an unexpected scenic route.

However, planning the course of action on a vacation is only half the battle. The second portion is when you are actually on the road. Michigan is a long state and it quickly becomes critical to check your fuel gauge. Taking a moment to fill up can ease a level of potential anxiety. Its also easy to become distracted on long drives, and thus Peter Vitale recommends regular breaks to eat and take a breather from the journey. The road is a place of great entertainment, but also dangerous hazards. A trip across Michigan is highly recommended for its local scenery.