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Alex Pissios is the founder of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. Alex Pissios recently sold the business to a Chicago-based media company, where future projects will include live events, documentaries, and feature films. Alex Pissios remains the CEO and is the President of the Advisory Board.

Cinespace Chicago Film Studios recently expanded its footprint and is rapidly returning to total capacity after significant cuts in its production volume. The studio’s new presence has also made it a more attractive option for producers seeking film projects outside Los Angeles.

The studio not only welcomes new productions but is eager to expand its footprint with a new barn-style building that will add six sound stages. The expansion will bring the total number of sound stages up from four to ten in the next year or two, along with an additional 105,000 square feet of production space.

The expansion will attract larger film productions. It will also mean more jobs and career opportunities for its permanent employees and the city of Chicago and its creative community. This new move will support the studio’s continued growth in a challenging economy while providing a home base for up to thirty productions each year.

It is expected that this expansion will make Cinespace Chicago Film Studios one of the leading production facilities in North America, once again becoming the production hub it was years ago.

Cinespace has been steadily growing over the last few years and increasing the number of its stages. The studio is on track to hit total capacity in the next few months.  The studio is growing with the help of two of the world’s largest cinema chains, AMC and Regal.  AMC and Regal are bringing their vast resources to Cinespace and helping them expand. 

Since its inception, Cinespace has grown from a movie studio to one of the leading facilities in North America. The studio is well organized and equipped to accommodate its clients’ needs, with an experienced and qualified staff. Cinespace owes its success to having the best team in the business. Over the years, it has developed a reputation as an excellent facility for producing movies, television programs, and commercials. The studio is always working hard to stay on top of new technology and be responsive to its clients’ needs.

Spiros Pissios and wife Olympia celebrate with Alex, their son at a community event.
Spiros Pissios and wife Olympia celebrate with Alex, their son at a community event.