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The Career and Life of Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski always knew he would go on to do well in his career but never thought that he would one day be the president & COO of the best AR company in the world. Tim Murawski came of age in a small town in IL & was proficient in academics ever since he was a kid. This is how he was able to finish at the top of his class & get a scholarship to whatever college he wanted to matriculate at. 


While successful CEO Tim Murawski did think about going to an ivy league school, in the end, he realized WIU had the perfect program for his needs. So he started as a freshman & went on to have quite a bit of success in this new role. As his grades improved, though, Tim Murawski knew he would have to start hammering out a plan for his future (Bloomberg). 


So he began to go to career services & tried to secure an internship over the summer. He knew it would be a lot of hard work but was confident it would be worth it in the end. Once his academic career had come to a close, Tim Murawski set his sights on finding the perfect job for him & wound up as a sales clerk for a few years. When he was finally able to move up, it was to be a part of Augmedics where he quickly proved his worth. He has since helped them to grow & expand over the years. 


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