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The Galileo spacecraft is performing a 4-year orbital tour scheduled to end in late 1999. By the end of the tour, the spacecraft will have completed over 20 orbits of Jupiter, most arranged to make a close flyby past one of the four Galilean moons. The Galilean Satellites and Kepler's Laws.A readout will then tell you the diameter of the orbit and the orbital period which you can now compare to your eyeball estimates. Record these values you will graph them in a bit and do the same procedure for the the 3. The Galilean satellites Callisto. The icy surface of this satellite is so dominated by impact craters.Ganymede. Unlike Callisto, Ganymede, an equally icy satellite,.Europa. The surface of Europa is totally different from that of Ganymede or Callisto,.Io. Seen through a telescope from.

When Galileo, Europe's own global satellite navigation system, is fully operational, there will be 24 satellites plus spares in Medium Earth Orbit MEO at an altitude of 23 222 kilometres. Eight active satellites will occupy each of three orbital planes inclined at an angle of 56° to the equator. The four Galilean moons, were discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei who was the first to publish his telescopic observations of the planet and were the first objects found to orbit a body that was. Are when a satellite passes between us and Jupiter, we see the satellites shadow as a black dot against the planet's colorful teardrops. Eclipses: The satellite disappears and the reappears as it passes into and out of Jupiter's enormous shadow. There are many interesting moons orbiting the planet, but the ones of most scientific interest are the first four moons discovered beyond Earth—the Galilean satellites. During it’s final approach to Jupiter, NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured this unique time-lapse movie of. The Galilean moons are by far the largest and most massive objects to orbit Jupiter, with the remaining 75 known moons and the rings together comprising just 0.003% of the total orbiting mass. The orbit and motion of the Galilean moons around Jupiter, as captured by JunoCam aboard the Juno spacecraft.

Oct 17, 2008 · Callisto's orbit is in roughly the same plane as the other Galilean satellites, but because it is farther from Jupiter than the other three, it can sometimes be seen to pass above or below Jupiter when its orbit is at maximum tilt. With a total of 79 known moons — including four large moons known as the Galilean satellites — Jupiter almost qualifies as a solar system unto itself. It is the largest of the inner moons of Jupiter and is most likely an asteroid captured by Jupiter. It takes Amalthea 0.49817905 Earth days to orbit Jupiter and like all the inner moons, it is tidally locked to the planet – the same side of the moon always faces Jupiter.

Callisto — the final Galilean Moon satellite of Jupiter is Callisto. It's orbit is well beyond Jupiter's main radiation belt and so the planets surface is much cooler then the other four satellites. However, it has the heaviest impacted surface in the solar system and shows no signs of geological activity since the impacts created its surface. Jupiter Satellites. In 1610, Galileo Galilei aimed his telescope at Jupiter and spotted four points of light orbiting the planet. For the first time, humans had seen the moons of another world. In honor of their discoverer, these four bodies would become known as the Galilean satellites or moons.

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