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The Zilch Buy Now Pay Later Offer

Innovative tech has become a massive part of our daily routine, and it’s more capable and available than ever before. Anytime you want a tech upgrade, you will have many options that fit your budget and needs. Zilch cards are virtual MasterCards that allow you to earn your cash back after finding the tech that suits you. It lets you get some of your cashback as you add creativity, improve, or add entertainment options to your home through tech gadgets. It is an excellent way to save money as you spend and to get the most value from your tech.

When you pay for your tech in full, you can earn and accumulate Zilch Rewards that you can apply to purchases in the future. The user gets 100 Rewards for spending $1 when using the Pay in 1 option during checkout. You can choose the Pay in 4 options that allow you to make four equal payments over six weeks for the buy now pay later purchase.

Zilch Rewards are easy to apply to future purchases. You can use them on the app to automatically reduce the amount you pay for buying on an online store or in-store. Zilch card maximizes payment options, including buying now pay later options. It’s the best way to earn your cashback for a gadget that you were already planning to buy.

Zilch has thousands of partners in retail who offer 0% APR for all online and in-store purchases made in eligible stores. If you are shopping at a non-Zilch partner store, you can still use the Pay in 4 or Pay in 1 option. Zilch-anywhere allows you to buy now and pay later, where you pay 25% of the total price as the upfront transaction fee and three installments in 6 weeks.

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