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Thomas Neyhart Explains How PosiGen Provides Solar Energy to the Needy Community

The effects of Hurricane Katrina affected many families, with most of them becoming homeless. Many of those whose houses were destroyed wanted to construct better ones. 


However, that was not possible because the companies in that locality provided their customers with expensive programs that the residents could not afford. After learning about that, the PosiGen company’s leader Thomas Neyhart formed a game plan to help struggling families rebuild better homes. PosiGen’s founders worked with the other employees to develop a strategy that would provide needy people with solar energy. Through the plan, customers deposit money in the firm, and upon reaching the set limit, they get solar installation in their homes. Most area residents embraced the concept and trusted the company to provide their homes with solar. The company grew using that plan since it installs solar systems in more than one thousand homes each year. 


People with different incomes can get solar installation from the company. That is because one’s income does not determine if they’ll get the solar in their homesteads. Before installing a solar system in any home, the firm’s engineers consider the owner’s past energy consumption and the amount they pay for a certain period and the amount to save on energy bills once installed. According to Thomas Neyhart explaining about the company´s procedure, they also check if the customer’s rooftop can generate enough solar power. From the information they gather, the engineers determine if the solar’s installation in the home. The company’s management always tells their employees that they should concentrate on providing their customers with helpful information and strategies that can help them save.


The workers should not only focus on the money they bring for the firm. The company relies on its engineers to let them know if your home is safe for solar installation. PosiGen gathers all the required permits for you and puts together all the necessary documents for the installation. All people need to save for one year before the company installs solar panels in their homes. PosiGen aims at providing affordable solar to needy people in society. The availability of affordable solar helps more people to make quality investments in the technology industry. That helps impact the environment and the company’s customers positively. PosiGen’s customers enjoy safe and clean homes using the company’s energy.

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