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Metallic taste in the mouth can also arise due to a disorder of the nerves that control taste sensations. The condition of altered sense of taste is medically known as dysgeusia or parageusia. Dysgeusia can cause a number of different alterations in taste, including a metallic taste. A metallic taste in your mouth can have several causes, including gum disease, sinus problems, medication side effects, and food allergy. A metallic taste in the mouth is a form of dysgeusia, an abnormality of the sense of taste. There are many possible causes of having a metallic taste in your mouth, ranging from medicines to systemic disorders to environmental hazards. Some of the commonly reported symptoms along with the change in taste include:Bleeding gums.Halitosis.Dryness of mouth.Excessive secretion of saliva.Facial nerve dysfunction may cause changes in facial movement.Reduction in appetite.Stuffy nose.Consistent vomiting.Swelling of. Having a metallic taste in your mouth is medically known as dysgeusia, or parageusia, and is a common condition that most people will experience at some stage in their lives. A metallic taste in the mouth can have a number of simple causes, ranging from bad oral hygiene to a reaction to certain drugs.

Metallic Taste in Mouth and Cancer. A metallic taste in mouth is a known side-effect of cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and radiation to the head and neck. This happens because these treatments often cause damage to the taste buds and the salivary glands. The changes in taste usually go away about a month after treatment ends. Taste Change Can Be a TIA Symptom. And here’s a fair speculation: If a person suffers the sudden-onset symptoms of a TIA—such as suddenly one side of their face goes heavy and limp—and at that same time there’s a mechanism causing a metallic taste in their mouth—it’s highly unlikely they are going to be aware of this phantom taste. Oct 26, 2010 · Taste of Metal in Your Mouth Symptoms. The metallic taste alone is the symptom in this problem. Although this happens, it doesn’t mean that the person is critically ill. However, it is suggested to visit a physician in order to have a thorough check-up. Going to the dentist may seem fine too since metallic taste can be a symptom of a gum disease. Bad Taste in the Mouth: Symptoms & Signs.The feeling of a bad taste in the mouth is usually temporary and improves when the underlying cause is remedied. Consumption of certain foods, or the use of tobacco products, can result in an unpleasant or bad taste in the mouth. Poor dental health and poor hygiene are other potential causes of a bad taste in the mouth.

Fatigue, Metallic taste in mouth, Shaking and Swelling WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms fatigue, metallic taste in mouth, shaking and swelling including Parkinson disease, Medication reaction or side-effect, and Acute stress reaction. Oct 10, 2017 · Oral bleeding.A salty or metallic taste in your mouth may be a sign of oral bleeding. This can happen for a number of reason, such as eating sharp foods, like chips, or brushing your gums too aggressively. If your gums regularly bleed after you floss or brush your teeth, you may be experiencing gum disease gingivitis.

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