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The bruising can be prevented by using the overhand lacing tightening when hiking downhill. If you do develop black toes, don’t worry. The black toenails will eventually fall off as the toenail continues to grow and pushes out the damaged nail. This process may take a few weeks or months, but it will get replaced with shiny, new pink ones. Your toenails are sore and throbbing after a run because your toes are being slammed into the tip of the toe box of your shoe with every step, especially as you go downhill. There are a couple of elements that can contribute to this: Your shoes are too small. There is no reason that you and your friend need to lose toenails when hiking. Here’s what you need to do: Buy hiking shoes that are at least 1/2 size larger than your street shoes. Your feet need space in your boots, and in no circumstances should they ever touch the front of your boot. Hiking toe problems can sideline your ambitious hiking plans. Gravity, friction, pressure, and heat all take their toll on your toes. That's why you need the best tips for handling toe problems as a hiker. If your feet and toes hurt during, and after, your hike, think about this. Big Toe Pain When Walking Symptoms: Big toe pain when walking usually presents with increased pressure on your foot. This can result in more of a tender, aching or throbbing big toe. It usually hurts more when you are putting pressure on it.

Hiking boots hurt your toes because of inappropriate lacing, poorly size adjustments or when you are stepping directly down the slope. That could also be as the result of backpack overload or when you don’t take enough breaks. In this article, I will elaborate on the three categories and offer a few ways to overcome the annoying issue. May 21, 2012 · You have an ingrown toenail, hiking hilly terrain specially down hills jams your foot into the front of your shoe. Even a slight ingrown then becomes compounded and irritated. Trim your toenails. If your hiking socks are sliding around creating friction and therefore heat, you may be setting up an inflammatory cycle leading to pain. No wonder you have sore feet after hiking! Tip: Be sure your toenails are trimmed so they aren't snagging your socks and/or bumping against the boot with each stride, especially downhill striding.

When I was hiking to Hidden Lake overlook in Glacier this past summer I wore my hiking shoes with more support. There was a lot of stairs and up and down hiking. My toe really hurt after this beautiful adventure so I had to wear my ecco sandals for the rest of the trip. They do well when hiking. Oct 05, 2013 · When people hike too close together, they can step on each other’s toes — literally! Trekking poles and good fitting, quality footwear has been covered. Some hikers, including myself, have found that their feet hurt less overall when wearing trail runners instead of hiking boots. That’s a personal decision.

Handling Sore Feet and Muscle Pain. Take off your shoes after a long day of hiking, even if you're camping on the mountain. Walk around in your socks or barefoot and give your feet a nice massage to prepare yourself for the next day. Always let your socks and.

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