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These can cause high levels of B12 in the blood. A deficency of Vitamin B12? A deficiency of vitamin B12, or a low B12 level, can contribute to a wide range of problems. General symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency can include tiredness, weakness, abdominal pain, nausea, constipation, flatulence, reduction in appetite, and menstrual problems. Jan 02, 2017 · High Serum B12 Can Be Caused By A Functional B12 Deficiency.This means that there is enough B12 in the body, but the cells are not able to use it, so they export it back to the blood, and it builds up there, bound to haptocorrin. After a week, the haptocorrin-bound B12 is imported by the liver and recycled via the bile to the gut. High levels of vitamin B12 might be caused by several conditions including leukemia, liver disease, obesity and diabetes, according to WebMD. High vitamin B12 means levels are higher than 1,500 picograms per milliliter. It is possible, based on certain conditions, that a vitamin B12 test may be inconclusive or incorrect, claims WebMD. Apparently, high B12 levels can also be related to GI problems–specifically gut dysbiosis and malabsorption from high levels of bacteria that actually manufacture and consume B12. That’s why you’ll often see it in patients with IBS, SIBO, and other GI diseases, as several people noted below.

Jan 05, 2019 · High levels can be associated with diseases of the blood, such as leukemia; cancerous and other tumors; chronic liver disease; intestinal disease; blood disorders; autoimmune diseases with chronic inflammations; and hepatitis that causes vitamin. Underlying health issues may also be a reason for high B12. For example: Leukemia and other blood cancers and disorders, particularly myeloproliferative disorders. Certain organ cancers; Liver disease such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. A damaged liver can cause you to release too much B12. Kidney disease. @Kanaaz Pereira. After extensive blood testing my neurologist has not found a cause for my neuropathy. All of my tests were negative except for the B12>2000. I am not diabetic, my MS was eliminated as a cause, my blood tests sent to Mayo Clinic eliminated any autoimmunity as a cause, I am up to date on mammograms and colonoscopies. In chronic fatigue syndrome CFS, it is common to see elevated B12 and folate in the blood serum, but this type of measurement is misleading in this disorder, because there is a functional deficiency of B12 in the cells, and folates drain from the cells to the blood in response, via the "methyl trap" mechanism due to MTHFR Gene Mutation. Hypercobalaminemia high serum vitamin B12 levels is a frequent and underestimated anomaly. Clinically, it can be paradoxically accompanied by signs of deficiency, reflecting a functional deficiency linked to qualitative abnormalities, which are related to defects in tissue uptake and action of vitamin B12.

Oct 15, 2015 · If you have a history of gout or high uric acid levels in general, B12 has been known to trigger a flare-up. Taking certain medications Some medications can cause absorption or serum level difficulties that can make it harder to absorb the vitamin B12 from your supplements. What causes elevated vitamin B12 levels in blood? Just got lab results from a recent doctor visit, all labs normal except vitamin b12 was 2000 and transferrin was 189mg/dL. I am a little panicked by this, what could be causing the vitamin b12 to be so high?

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