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Find the right Mepps lure for catching White Bass with our lure selection guide. SteelShad - Lipless Crankbait for Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing - Long Casting Bass Lure Perfect for Bass, Pike, Musky, Walleye, Trout, Salmon and Striper Apr 23, 2018 · Opt for a slightly heavier outfit – a medium-action casting combo with 10-pound line works well – for casting the surface lures. To optimize the fun of white bass fishing, also consider downsizing. A three-pound white bass is about all an ultra-light spinning rig and four-pound test can handle, and break-offs are common. These are some great white bass fishing packages for those ready to get out without having to drop some major cash to get into some major white bass. More White Bass Lures and Gear. You will use the lipless crankbaits in the flats that are going into the creeks. Use. The best approach is to focus on small baits and lures! White Bass have small mouths and you won’t catch anything with large baits and lures. This is important to keep in mind as most of the White Bass caught are in the two pound range even though the largest one caught is around six pounds. White Bass Winter Fishing; White Bass.

Summer fishing techniques for White Bass differ a little from Spring as mating is over by summer and the White Bass move into deeper water, though they do not always stay deep and will chase after their prey regardless of depth. Top baits that prove successful at catching White Bass include minnows and. Bass are known for striking your bait or lure with an aggressive force making bass fishing an exciting sport. Baits used for bass fishing are available in a variety of styles and colors, and the best color is determined by a number of factors such as water conditions, time. There aren’t many bass fishing lures that you can just as effectively fish in 1 foot of water as you can in 30 feet. Flip them, cast them, drag them, hop them, swim them – it all works. Throw a white jig to imitate shad, a brown one to imitate crawfish, and a green one to imitate bream. Whatever you’re trying to emulate, a jig can do it. 4. White Bass Love Smaller Lures. Smaller lures work great for white bass, so you don’t have to use live bait to catch them. Smaller jigs, spinners, swimbaits and crankbaits work great for white bass. Just try to imitate a smaller bait fish and it will probably work.

White Bass Fishing Texas is great with Dallas Guide Carey Thorn. We target White Bass, Hybrid Striper, and Crappie on North Texas Lakes and Creeks! Don't miss the 2018 White Bass Run in Texas! Book your Creek Trip today! Small topwater lures, blade baits, jigheads with white Mister Twisters and spinners have the potential to keep your rod in a perpetual bend. The Mepps® White Dot Black Fury may just be the hottest white bass lure of all time. The size, colors and action of this bait resemble a shad. Oct 14, 2019 · Typical methods include anchoring the boat and dropping live baits deep, trolling, casting soft baits and stickbaits and live lining baitfish near the surface. I will list the top five lures and baits to use and detail the best fishing conditions for each lure. Here Are the Best Hybrid Striped Bass Fishing Lures and Baits. White Bass Fishing in Central Texas Seasonal Fishing Patterns Spring March-May White bass will be in the rivers or major creek tributaries. A variety of artificial lures will work, but this is a good time for small jig fishing.

Sep 23, 2013 · I have a local lake that Ive been fishing for several years. Keep in mind, Im a weekend warrior and just fish for fun. The water at this lake has some stain and dark lures black/blue, green pumpkin, etc. have worked ok. Yesterday, there was a medium size tournament coming in..

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