Crisis in Haiti

Georgette Mulheir: Guardian of Democracy

Georgette Mulheir is the co-founder and European spokesperson for Defend Haiti’s Democracy (DHD), a global human rights and pro-democracy advocacy organization focused on protecting, preserving, and bolstering Haiti’s democracy. Haiti, a country in the Caribbean, is the poorest sovereign state in North America. For the past several decades, Georgette Mulheir explains, it has faced a […]


Roland Dickey Jr Successful Tips Aimed At The Growth Of Dickey, s Barbecue Pit

Roland Dickey Jr has identified his strengths as an entrepreneur in the competitive industry. Managing the family business Dickey’s Barbecue pit, established in 1941, has been an incredible journey. He has portrayed himself as an exceptional leader with his name put across in many restaurant business magazines. Additionally, the food franchise has also topped due […]

Business Leader

George Blatt

American executive George Blatt initially entered the workforce as a corporate lawyer who worked everything from entertainment law to being a general counsel for Martha Stewart. His wandering spirit took him in a variety of interesting directions and gave him a wide range of experiences from which to draw. Now a CEO in the technology […]


Hauser Insurance in risk mitigation

Any business insurance policy requires taking clients’ risk factors, whether internal and external, into consideration. Knowledgeable insurance agent gets the approach that will identify the specific factors that may bring exposure. For the Hauser Insurance Group, experts use tactics to ensure clients get maximum results and get proactive risk management, which brings success. If an […]

Innovation Consultant

Diversity: The Positive Impact of Diverse Teams On Innovation Success, Richard DeVaul

To build an innovative organization that continuously finds new ways to compete, expand and succeed, Richard DeVaul believes an organization needs to build a culture in which people can bring their ideas, strengths, and fears, to contribute to new ideas and initiatives. Because people are not created equally, diverse leaders need to hold themselves and […]