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About And Its Founder Richard Liu

China prides itself on its renowned internet entrepreneur, Richard Liu Qiangdong, the owner of The firm is China’s top e-commerce Titan firm: Richard came from a poor background living in Jiangsu province. He graduated with a bachelor’s in Sociology from the People University of China.

However, while at school, he developed a passion for computer science and IT. Often, he would be on the internet researching about e-commerce. He established and helped it increase revenue growth. Currently, the firm is in the same rank as Walmart and Google firms. When it comes to popularity, he can be compared to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

In 1998, Richard Liu founded the China-based firm Jingdong. The firm was established primarily to deal with the marketing and selling of magneto-optical products like CD ROMs. It builds its largest store in Beijing. By 2003, the company under the management of Richard Liu had 12 stores. Unluckily, the operations of this company were impacted by the outbreak of the SARs disease.

To counter the problems brought by the pandemic, Qiangdong decided to venture into e-commerce, selling its products online. The firm increased its portfolio and decided to start selling more products. Since JD’s establishment, it has managed to outsmart other technology firms around the globe.

It also focuses on Artificial Intelligence distribution. Richard Liu has also invested in infrastructure and the delivery of drone systems. The firm has also invested in modern tech trends, including robotics automation.

In 2014, this China’s e-commerce firm began the Nasdaq trading. As of 2017, the firm had grown to have 220 million clients and a revenue growth of 54 billion. is the second runners up e-commerce company after Alibaba. The establishment of this firm has contributed significantly to increasing efficiency, minimizing costs, and increasing supply and demand. focuses on the healthcare sector, security, e-commerce, transportation, energy, and planning, to name a few. See related link for more information.


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