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Andrew Frame Success Through Teamwork

Andrew Frame founder and CEO at Citizen App. This was the first app connecting 911 intelligence with location information. This was an idea that came to his mind after realizing what the world was missing, so he was pushed to use technology to keep the world safe.

Andrew Frame was referred to as Businessweek by editors since he was one of the top entrepreneur and software programmers. He grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada but currently lives in New York and Los Angeles. At 15 he started a technology company Internet Service Provider [ISP], the largest in Las Vegas. Eventually, he discovered a consumer telecommunication company.

At an early age, He worked with various networking companies. He joined Cisco Systems as their support engineer. He enrolled with the Global Center of Experts [GCOE], where he was awarded CCIE Certification the same year he joined the company.

Andrew Frame values teamwork and surrounds himself with intelligent, brilliant, and thoughtful individuals. This team helps him implement his vision by protecting lives. Emerging of mobile phones are assisting in satisfying humans’ fundamental need, safety, which is the aim of Citizen.

Andrew Frame concentrates on hobbies that make him a productive entrepreneur, mostly his innovation does not come from technology but from reading poetry, literature, and film. This goes to his entire team and every new employee during induction; he advises engagement with their hobbies outside work and asks them to slice their best hobbies. He suggests the invention of new hobbies by reading scripts like poetry, which improves knowledge and gives more inspiration.

As a company user’s feedback is essential, it helps understand how they engage with Citizen. Features that entice them and what they would like to use more. They invite Citizen team users to join a meeting where they are educated on app usage. Through this practice, the company has achieved top features like personalized mobile safety products. See this page for related information.


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