Hauser Insurance in risk mitigation

Any business insurance policy requires taking clients’ risk factors, whether internal and external, into consideration. Knowledgeable insurance agent gets the approach that will identify the specific factors that may bring exposure. For the Hauser Insurance Group, experts use tactics to ensure clients get maximum results and get proactive risk management, which brings success. If an […]

Innovation Consultant

Diversity: The Positive Impact of Diverse Teams On Innovation Success, Richard DeVaul

To build an innovative organization that continuously finds new ways to compete, expand and succeed, Richard DeVaul believes an organization needs to build a culture in which people can bring their ideas, strengths, and fears, to contribute to new ideas and initiatives. Because people are not created equally, diverse leaders need to hold themselves and […]

Business Leader

Pamela Baer Strongly Believes in Helping People Achieve Health and Education Which Core in Her Philanthropy

Pamela Baer is a successful businesswoman and philanthropist born in Texas. She is a University of Texas alumnus with a sparkling financial sector career. She is married to Larry Baer, has four children and is based in San Francisco. Pamela is well known in San Francisco, especially in Bay Area, where she is highly respected […]